Help this gal find a cute belt bag

  1. looking for something cute & stylish...not too bulky. i had a vintage leather fanny pack (i promise I didn't look like a tourist) and i used it a ton, but it's on its last limb and i think it's time to replace.

    any suggestions? i really dont like the one that gucci came out with a few years back...
  2. what about the tokidoki belt bags? they are really fun! i'm keeping my eye out for one as soon as they are released in canada.

    i currently use a lacoste belt bag.
  3. Mpark46, seems like there are very few cute or stylish belt bags around.

    However, you may wish to consider (or scoff at :biggrin: ) the following:
    Hip purse (purse and chain belt sold separately). Alternatively, you can buy through ebags.

    Erda Funnypack
    Available in leather or fabric

    Clava - Wallet on a Waist

    Piel XXL Fanny Pack

    This Anuschka belt bag is "archived" so I don't know if it's still available:
    459 AC
  4. What about trying to look for BREE (made in Germany) or (LONG CHAMP) from France , it was for 2 years in here and my younger sister (16 yrs.) got this. You can try to get and look for it in or Good luck.
  5. Bree is around 50 euro and Long Champ as well.
  6. here's a cute marc by marc jacobs waist pack (from the fall preview of his collection) that's $228

  7. that is a cute belt bag from marc! he's using the same closure as the tulum and tikal from louis vuitton....which is expected! lol
  8. i'm temped to get it for myself but it's a little on the pricey side for me (for what's essentially a tiny pouch on a belt) :Push:
  9. That marc by mj one is sooo cute! I have been waiting to get the gucci belt bag, but this looks so much nicer!
  10. ooh love the MJ one! do they still sell it?
  11. Hope you ladies manage to get hold of that cute MJ belt bag. :biggrin:

    However, should it be out of stock and you're not in too much of a hurry, accessoriestheshow mentioned these belt bags from the Fall 06 collections:

    Can't post pics from there - bmp - please scroll to middle of page "belt bags"
    Ralph Lauren - price not mentioned; Leatherock $63; Juicy Couture $83-85; Avignon $88

    Also, I stumbled upon a couple of websites where CL Whiting's leather craftmanship is mentioned, and she created a three-in-one bag which can also be used as a fanny pack.
    $77 not including shipping
    9" x 6" x 1"

    Allow me to quote from another site:
    $79-99 (not incl shipping)

    C.L. Whiting's Three-In-One Bag measures 9 in. x 6 in. x 1 in. The perfect traveler's bag, it can be worn over the shoulder by day, as an evening clutch, by night, and around your waist at the airport! It features a unique leaf design pocket in a rich brown, a zipper closure, and a multipurpose, 'tuckable' strap. C.L. Whiting's handbags last and last and last. Her beautiful hand-tooled hides are crafted into finely detailed, meticulously finished leathergoods in Washington State. People who are familiar with the art of leathercrafting say that what C.L Whiting does is 'impossible'. But, when people realize that this artist is highly accomplished in all forms of artwork, from watercolor to oils to pastels, it all makes sense. The work that she produces on leather is a combination of years of perfecting all these forms of art to create this unusual leatherwork. Her work is sought after by everyone from museum curators to celebrities, as well the world's finest galleries, and now it is available directly from Pieces of Places. Each leaf on this bag represents a unique stamp created by the artist and tooled into the leather itself, creating the beautiful leaf designs you see. Like a painting, each piece is an original work of art, as no two pieces are exactly alike! Please allow the artist to choose the leaf pattern that works best with your particular bag.


    There's a Leatherock belt bag on Bloomingdales:
    $179-99 (sale)
  12. Stylebakery mentioned Slim NYC and on their website they have this hip bag cum shoulder bag cum wristlet:

    Product description:
    You’re Golden

    Item#: CHB-308


    Product Description

    Flash it about town. Distressed metallic bronze vinyl exterior with light textured snake skin. Retro cotton floral lining. New gold aluminum chain belt.
    How to Wear Them

    This is the 3-in-1 bag of the century! Whether you’re out for a night on the town or running around the city during the day, these convertible bags can be worn on your hips, over the shoulder, or as a wrist clutch. Bags are 8” x 5” folded closed and 10” long when unfolded and open. The magnetic snap closure keeps the fold closed and the zipper at top keeps your valuables inside. Interior of zipped portion of the bag is fully lined in pink acetate.
    Roomy enough to fit your wallet, keys, cell phone, Palm, and make-up but small enough to be sexy and chic. The adjustable 35” gold aluminum chain strap, d-rings, and metal clasp convert the bag from a hip bag to a purse worn over the shoulder or messenger bag-style, and a wrist clutch. Photo instructions to convert to a clutch are included.