Help!! This Bulga or Marc by MJ??

  1. I have a personal preference of a richer brown colour - I would prefer the MBMJ one - for me!

    But I think it depends on your wardrobe. And when you will use your bag - the Bulga is more for summer - when the MBMJ its more of a fall colour - in my opinion.

    If you are going to use it now, then stick with the Bulga because the colours are more for summer in my opinion! Maybe if you wait longer the MBMJ bag would go down more in price! I mean, its already off season already (although this will probably not go out of style - unlike the bulga - which I have doubts)..

    Sorry for the conflicting thoughts.. hope I helped a bit!
  2. Personally i prefer the MJ as it can be worn on the shoulder. Really depends on what you are looking for - a handheld summer bag or a year round shoulder bag?
  3. thanks for the advice...hmmm i guess the bulga is handheld - i totally assumed it would fit on my shoulder :|

    hard decisions!!
  4. I definitely prefer the Bulga! Good luck!:yes:
  5. I prefer the Bulga!
  6. I'd go with the MJ one, prefer the shape, good luck!:smile:
  7. Personally i prefer the MJ !
  8. I was prepared to say MJ, but the Bulga is gorgeous!
  9. IMO, the Bulga is more of a quality bag - at an excellent price. The leather will be nicer, the lining, etc. I think it's a more timeless look. The MJ is a younger, more sporty looking bag. But, you can wear it on your shoulder - can't do that w/the Bulga. I think you can wear both in any season - IMO. Hope this helps.....go with your gut!
  10. That's a hard call - I like the look of the Bulga better, but it prob wouldn't fit over your shoulder. I'm also a fan of the lighter color, too...Let us know what you decide!
  11. Bulga definitely - the M by MJ line is really overpriced IMO. I think the leather will be better on the Bulga.
  12. I think you made the right choice. The Bulga is more classic and I would carry it in any season. You could dress the Bulga up or down. The looks too casual...The Bulga has gorgeous leather too.
  13. For me, it's mj. I prefer the color to the hazelnut color of the bulga and that it can go on your shoulder. I have always found mbymj bags to have nice leather and good workmanship. Good luck.
  14. Wait- don't make you your decision on shoulder VS handheld because I have the Bulga (in dk. brown) and it DOES go over the shoulder! :smile: Love them both, and the MbyMJ may have a longer shoulder drop- but don't count out the Bulga...