Help this Brit with some down home cooking....

  1. I met and fell in love with my boyfriend whilst I was serving in the Middle East.

    I'm moving to Alabama soon.......but I'm a Brit so have no idea how to cook anything southern.

    I would really appreciate it if my PF sisters could help me with their favourite recipes for some down home cooking.

    Thanks a million in advance. :idea:
  2. Mmmmm, I love southern cooking! I lived in southern Mississippi for quite a number of years (Petal, to be exact) and in my time there I became quite accustomed to the southern kitchen :smile:

    Where in Alabama will you be moving to?

    Typical southern dishes:
    - Collard Greens (yuck!)
    - Corn Bread (Mmmmm!!!! You can get this in a box, but home made is good too - sorry, don't have a recipe but I'm sure one from Williams-Sonoma would be good!)
    - Read Beans & Rice
    - Craw daddy's! (Cray-fish)
    - Chicken with white gravy...Mmmm
  3. Valley Alabama, its near Auburn and Lannett, about one half hours from Atlanta Airport.

    I can't wait to live there, I been there twice already and met his folks. His maw maw has buckets of charm and his family were super nice, I love them to bits.

    I've tried corn bread and biscuit, which were both really lovely.
  4. Brave Lass - Good luck with the move and the adjustment to civvy street.
  5. Thanks so much for your support riffraff :yes: :idea:
  6. You should just come to my house and I will teach you how to cook country style!!LOL......I think is a website on the internet with nothing but southern food on sure to learn how to fry EVERYTHING, make good gravy, how to make good greens (with a ham hock and lots of fat!), and of course good sweet tea, oh and pecan pie to top it all off!!
  7. Learn to make a good fried chicken.
  8. Check the Food Network internet site for recipes by Paula Deen--she is a fantastic Southern cook--every recipe I have tried by her has been outstanding.
  9. Paula Deen makes some yummy things! But i feel my arteries clogging :yes: