help this balenciaga newbie

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  1. i am thinking about getting ym first balenciaga. i know i want either red/burgundy or purple. the problem is, i dont know anything about balenciaga, as in style, etc. also, i dont know where to buy it online (the closest Saks and nm is 45 mins away. i am lazy).
    can you help me?
    thanks girls
  2. I have a dealer I buy from that sells on ebay. She takes special orders but it just depends on what she can get at the time. Good Luck!

    NO SOLICITING!!!!!!!
  3. Really? But I check she is not selling or have not sold anything? :shrugs:
  4. She told me she put a few Balenciaga bags up today?! Maybe she just listed and they are not showing up yet. I'll have to email her and ask!:crybaby:
  5. is she really reputable?
    is there other places that i can buy from?
    edit: my search for Qualitycouture returns a seller that has 0 feedback?
  6. Welcome! Definitely check out LP's website for style/size reference and color swatches:

    You can order from BalNY(if you are out of NY, you only pay $15 shipping) or you can order from Aloha Rag for free ship and no tax. You can also order from Nordstrom(they will ship it to you for free, but you pay tax if there is a Nordstrom in your state).

    So, check out LP's site, the pics on the Wearing your Bbag sticky thread, Color swatches, etc thread up top and then order your fave! Have fun!:flowers:
  7. Yes, she buys from authorized dealer from Italy. But you can also buy from Neiman Marcus, Saks or look online for boutiques in your area that might sell them. More than likely you will pay retail if you buy thru a department store.
  8. but she has 0 feedback? or did i type the wrong thing.
  9. No, you typed the right thing. She has sold to many people I know but I think she is new to ebay. I'll have to ask her when she listed her items.
  10. can you pm me her email address?
  11. Is that okay to or is it against the rules? I'm new so I don't want to get in trouble.
  12. i dont know. but i asked for it, so its not like you solicit me.
  13. does BalNY charge tax?
  14. Alwaysauthentic has been banned 3 times already ladies!!!:busted

    SHE IS QualityCouture!

    I guess she thinks we're stupid. I noticed her earlier but we tried to give her another chance. . . too bad she blew it AGAIN

  15. I thought there was something a bit odd about her posts, but I haven't been a member that long to really know.