Help.... thinking of getting my 1st Mulberry Bayswater

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of getting my first black bayswater. Can you elaborate on the difference bet natural veg tanned and buffalo shine? Is one more structured than the other? Why is the buffalo shine more expensive than veg tanned? Is it worth the additional $150? Any other comments would help.

  2. Thanks. So it seems like NVT is the popular choice but someone seems to suggest BUffalo shine is more structured. I would really prefer if the bag would sort of stand on in its own, or at least won't slouch as much. I also prefer light bags. Does this mean, I should go for the Buffalo?
  3. I haven't seen the Buffalo IRL so can't comment on it. My new Oak Bays is very structured though. It doesn't slouch at all. But it is only a month old.
  4. Thanks CPrincess! Good to know the NVT is very structured. I may go with that then.
  5. There's no wrong answer though between NVT and Buffalo Shine. I just felt like taking a chance on something new in the Buffalo Shine. Will report back on how it is when comes in from Erica.
  6. The nvt will probably become more slouchy with time&use, just as it'll become more patina'ed.

    Buffalo shine is a more treated leather, and will prob hold it's colour.

    Sounds to me like the buffalo is more for you? Printed nvt is the most structured of all though, just to give you another option.

    Good luck =)
  7. ^^ Whilst reading through I was just thinking Printed NVT too, Thea :biggrin:

    Good luck with the final decision - let us know & share the joy! ;)
  8. Price-difference aside, does anyone know which is the more structured bag -- the Bayswater or the PS1 Keep-all?

    I'm eyeing a large black bag for work, and while I like the front pocket on the PS1 Keep-all, but the fact that the main flap can't be fastened like the Bayswater kind of annoys me. What do you ladies think? :smile: