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  1. I havea question about the small satchel in florentine leather. When i feel the outside of the bag, it feels like posterboard or some kind of thin card board in there. Is this normal and how it should feel? Any thoughts would be appreciated greatly!
  2. I am not sure what you are feeling. Are you saying the leather feels stiff like cardboard? Or that it feels like there is a piece of cardboard between the leather and the lining? Did it always feel this way or is it a new bag that you aren't sure about?
  3. It feels like the board is between the leatger and lining. I bought it from evay and i have not seen a florentine small satchel before. Everything else seems okay.
  4. Where exactly are you feeling this "board?" Can you post a picture of your bag? That does not sound normal but it's difficult to understand what you are describing.
  5. There shouldn't be anything between layers which is why some bags get smooshy. I wouldn't but I could bend mine if I wanted to. Post a pic so we can see
  6. lovebags: I have several Florentine small satchels. The bags will slouch when empty, and they do not feel as if there
    is anything between the leather and the lining of the body of the bag. The bottom may be reinforced, because it is firmer. As for the Florentine leather itself, it is thicker than many other leathers. Different pieces of Florentine leather may be softer or stiffer than others. Some are very smooth, others fine grained, some very pebbled. Some feel soft and other feel harder. Hope this helps.
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  7. I dont think i am explaining it right. If i push the bottom up it will pop back down and on the sides u can feel where it stops when i push the bottom up. But u can here the pop when the bottom pops back out. Also the leather tassels seem to have a lot of glue at the tips. Love the vag but am worried about that pop. My florentine chelsea shopper bags dont have this.
  8. That doesn't sound right. Is your bag the original Florentine satchel or the Made in America version?
  9. It is the original version