Help!Think I was OverCharged on Gauffre

  1. The black satchel that I just bought (see my earlier thread "Gauffre Heaven" -- I've seen it on Saks, Neimans and in PRADA (not NYC) two weeks ago for $2,360.00. I was charged $2,450.00 plus tax at Prada, NYC today. I'm sure that's wrong! When I asked her about it she said, "No, the smaller one is $2,360.00...this is the large. Mine is 15" x 9" and the same one I see on and the same one I tried at a different Prada two weeks ago, priced at $2,360!

    Before I call tomorrow, am I losing my mind? I swear this bag is $2,360! Also, my receipt says:

    "Nappa Gauffre Antik Nero." Is this Antik and is there a difference in price? I didn't think this satchel was Antik... which i don't know much about.


    Thanks for any help!
  2. Link?
  3. ^OK..I have that bag.....Prada NY also sent it to me.U must have the SLIGHTLY longer one.......There is a bigger size at that price
  4. Yeah I would def call back...I think your SA made a mistake...I'm sure you won't have any probs...Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks, Jill and Emmy... I measured it and it is 15 x9 though -- same size as the one in the Saks link. I'm so confused! It's just $100.00 difference including tax, but I'd rather have that in my wallet than in theirs!

    I think I'm going to call them tomorrow anyway and triple check this. I've just not seen it anywhere for $2,450.00 :sad:
  6. Minette,

    Helloo... reading your thread here... I'm looking at your pix of the Coffer alongside the new Gauffre...

    and I think you may indeed have the larger... even though when you measure it seems like 15"... because I had the coffer and it was quite large, (width-wise) and I think that Emmy's Gauffre is not that wide -- and that's the one that's $2360...

    but this is just my opinion from the pix. For me, I remember the size of the coffer was just about right, and in your pic.. it looks like it's the same width as the coffer...

    don't kill me if I'm wrong, I'm only giving my opinion. :yes:

    Also if that is the larger one... could you take a pic of the authenticity card? I want to ask Prada for this one and see if they have it in brown. :p Thanks Minette.. and good luck!!!!


  7. PS!

    Is it measuring 15" across the top of the bag? or bottom???
  8. OMG, Pad, you're right! I just took her out and measured again and it's almost 17" wide across the BOTTOM. I was measuring from the top, earlier! I feel so dumb, now! But I didn't realize there were two sizes... I need a "Prada Newbie" button.

    Now I'm wondering if I should go for the smaller... the one I fell in love with. Maybe I'll feel better after I wake up tomorrow.

    Thanks, Pad -- and I'll get you a pic of the card in the morning too -- camera batteries are charging. But the number is BN 1337. I hope that helps!

    Thanks again!! :smile:
  9. Minette!!!

    Don't feel that way. I didn't even know it came in 2 sizes if you didn't post and Jill didn't post back. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy to know THERE ARE 2 SIZES now!! :yahoo:

    Because I LOVE that Gauffre.... but the 2360 size wasn't large enough for me... sooooooooo YIIIIIIIIIIIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    The one you have is the same size as the Antic Satchel I own, I think. And that's a GREAT size! So it totally depends on what works for you.

    Minette... can you please do a modeling pic?? :yes:
  10. Thanks, Pad! (Can I call you Pad??) OK, I'm glad we both found out there are two sizes -- and I got a little more Guaffre than I thought I was getting! HaHa!

    I'm just going to dry my hair now, dress and shoot some modeling pics...
  11. Hi Minette...

    Sure, you can call me "Pad"!

    I'm glad we now know there are *2* sizes!! so did you decide yet which size you want to keep? I saw your modling pics and I love the larger size on you --- you can probably carry either bag and they'd look great on you.

    I want to see if Prada's going to make your larger bag in the NOCE. I know it's only available online in the smaller 2360 size -- at least from what I've seen so far. I'm *VERY* excited to see what bags will be coming out in the Fall!! Can't wait!!!