Help! There's something on my Dooney!

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  1. While at work yesterday, I noticed a small grey-ish looking dirt spot on my Dooney Bee Barrel. Because it's made of that sort of hard-ish material, I'm not sure as to what I can do to get it off! I tried rubbing it, and I even tried spit (haha), but nothing worked! Do you have any suggestions at all for removing stains off of bags of this material? Thanks so much!!
  2. Cotton cloth.....wet........rub, rub, rub.......
  3. Yeah, I suppose I should give it another go~ Maybe a little extra elbow grease this time haha~
  4. I might suggest using a little rubbing alcohol if it's on the coated canvas. Don't use it on the leather though.
  5. Thanks! I actually managed to get it off with some extra scrubbing~~ I'll remember this tip for next time! (Hopefully there won't be one D:smile:
  6. That Tide pen is the best ever on anything canvas...just throwing it out worked on my Dooney!
  7. erm, a baby wipe will probably take it off with some gentle scrubbing. i had a red AWFUL stain on my KHAKI coach signature pouch and got it off in 2 days (2 tries of futile scrubbing ACCTUALLY prevailed!)
  8. You know, the offciial isntructions from Dooney & Bourke suggest soda water (Club soda), which I didn't use on my mine. I might have used a Shout towlette, but I don't remember. I have also used Ivory soap. If you get ballpoint on anything, use alcohol.