HELP!! There's a defect on my sister's vernis bag!


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Feb 2, 2007
Just wondering has anyone of you guys had a problem with the vernis leather having stone/sand right in between the leather and the glossy plastic that the bag is made out of!? It is slightly bigger than a piece of sand.

Just wondering what LV has done to solve this problem?!


Jan 12, 2008
I have this problem on my pomme zippy coin purse. They were willing to switch it out, but didn't have stock. I ended up keeping it, as there were only two 'sand' defects I could find and were only visible when really scrutinizing the bag. The SA told me that occurs due to the dust that's around in the finishing process, but I think it's a bunch of bull ... I'm sure LV has better quality assurance than that! Plus, what about the Ivory colour? Those defects would stick out like a sore thumb!