Help! There is something on my new bag!

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  1. As I posted yesterday.. I went to the outlet, and bought a nice sparkly silver lurex Maddy hobo...

    I take her out today, cut the tag because I love her so, pack my things into her, and as soon as I get into the car I notice TWO SPOTS! They are NOT from me, as she didn't come into contact with ANYTHING where the spots are. I am very very careful with my bags, especially the light colored ones!

    I'm not sure what it is.. but it is something IN the fabric. It's not like a water spot, it's something actually in the grain... and it is sticky. :sad:

    I'm not sure what I should do.. Could I return her? I still have the tag... Or should I try to clean her? And if so.. HOW? I'm so afraid I'm going to ruin the pretty pretty fabric.

    It isn't really that noticeable, which is probably why I didn't catch it at the outlet. They are also on the back side of the bag, near where the handle meets the bulk of the bag. If the light hadn't caught the fabric just right I'd not of seen it.

    What do I do ladies and guys? :crybaby:
  2. Pics to see more clearly?
  3. I would call and ask if they can take a peek at your bag...Definetly get something done..You Just bought the bag so I don't see you having to much of a hard time.Good Luck
  4. It is very hard to get pictures of this bag because she is so shiny! I think it may be some kind of an adhesive since it is tacky..

    Let me hop outside and see if I can get a good shot in the day light.
  5. Oh noooooo.....sorry to hear!!!
  6. ^If's adhesive-y and clear, maybe try a small piece of sticky packaging tape to pull it off gently?
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    It sound like glue residue. I had this happen on my silver lurex Hailey, too. I thought it was a stain at first, but when I realized it was glue, I carefully and gently peeled it off. I was able to get it off no problem with my fingers/nails, but you could also use tweezers if you like. Good luck!
  8. This is the best picture I could get.


    I'll try the tape and see if it works.

  9. I'll give this a go too. Hopefully it comes out. :sad:
  10. Oh, I forgot to add...rub your finger around on it so that it warms up and loosens up. Then you can go ahead and pick at it with your fingers/nails or a pair of tweezers.
  11. I have had that on a bag before..Like the poster above said, it should just roll off..I used tweezers..

  12. This is working! Thanks so much, Bunny! I've managed to get most of it out, there's just a few troublesome bits left! Both spots are coming out, must have been the same thing.

    :yahoo: I dunno what I would do if you all weren't so quick to reply. The spots just ate at me all day!
  13. yayyy!!!! good job!!!!!
  14. awww cool don't you just love this forum :O)
  15. I so do!