Help the Vet

  1. Ok, now I need advice. Does anyone have a Bull Terrier? (Not a Staffordshire/Pit) A um, ahem, Spuds MacKenzie? I really, really want one-the few I've seen in practice have been funny and sweet. Mind you, I need another dog like I need another purse.

    (BTW-I like Pits too-I'm just obsessed with the Bullys)
  2. I don't own a bull terrier, but think they are really cute! I found a site that has lots of info on the breed...its the Bull Terrier Club of

    If you are in the market for a new puppy, I wholeheartedly recommend the french bulldog. I have a three year old girl who is just the sweetest and most loving baby ever! She has brought so much joy to our house :love:
  3. A good friend of mine had one. He was reallly sweet and cute. sadly he was hit by a car :sad: But i think they make great pets! good luck!
  4. Thanks you guys! Frenchies are VERY dear-I just got hookedon the Bullies! Like I need another dog...but I'm going to look at that site!