Help! The rubber part took off.

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  1. Escalators are bad bad thing for CL.
    It gets the heels stuck and as the result the rubber bits of my heels went missing. 😰

    I know CL gives extra a pair extra for this rubber part, but it seems like I cant fit it to the heels.

    Does anyone ever experience this?
    What should I do?
    TIA. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393739069.284660.jpg
  2. It looks as if the pin still sticks inside the heel and just the plastic cap came off, is that so ??
    Cobbler, deffinitely. You will need some power to get this out.
  3. Cobbler job. They may or may not use the spare heel tips provided, mine never does.
  4. I often change the heel tips on my shoes myself. A pair of pilers and you should be able to pull the metal pin out, but if you are in any way concerned just take them to a cobbler. It's a 2 minute job for them.
  5. ^agree
  6. I would take them to the cobbler.
  7. Thanks all for the help!
    I'll bring it to the cobbler then for a safer option.
    The metal pin is too hard to be pulled off.