Help! The perfect brown leather satchel for...

  1. under $300.00. (In a cognac brown color...)

    Does one exist?:confused1:

    Please help! Thanks!
  2. banana republic has some nice bags in that price range...they are well made with great leather
  3. oooh, I like the Renata Minelli!
  4. Hi passerby! You helped me so much the last time I needed a bag; I was hoping you'd show up! *HUG* I want something medium sized: not too big, not too small. A nice, everyday satchel bag with a zipper that would go nicely with jeans and casual work clothes...It would be great if I can get it over my shoulder.

    Right now, I am carrying this Cole Haan bag in black and I love the style and size:

    This bag is so perfect for me...The quality of the metal and leather are great. I wish they had this in a cognac brown color; I definitely would have bought a second one if they did. If anyone can help me find something similar to the style/quality (or better) of this bag, it would be greatly appreciated. I have looked everywhere and am having no luck...If I find the perfect color and size in that price range, the metal hardware looks cheap.:yucky: If I find the perfect size and great hardware, the bag doesn't come in the color that I want.:girlsigh:
  5. I've never been into quilted leather before, but if this bag had a zipper, I'd buy it! It's very pretty!:heart:

    Okay...I was on Zappos all night last night looking at satchels and I didn't see any of these! :hrmm: You are so much better at this than me!:lol:
  6. Buttery, that Cole Haan bag of yours is cute! Good luck in your search - I'll keep an eye out for a zippered box satchel in cognac :smile:

    A pity that this is not in cognac and can't be carried over the shoulder:

  7. Bebe34, great recommendation! Any chance we can see a pic of you modelling your bag? Thanks.
  8. Passerby - Would love to post a pic, but that would require my figuring out how to get it out of my camera and into the computer. :smile: In the meantime, here's a pic from Lucky mag to give you an idea of how it looks. I really LOVE this bag. It's large but not overwhelming on me (I'm 5'7" and a sz 4-6).

  9. Kooba Ginger, on sale is generally under $300, in Chestnut. Yummy.
  10. Bebe34, thanks - it looks lovely.