Help! The perfect black bag challenge :)

  1. I need help finding the perfect day-to-evening black bag. For me, the balenciaga black city is the perfect bag, but I don't think I'll get for two reasons a) it's just too expensive for me and b) I live in NYC and work in Soho so everywhere I turn I see one (real and fake), so I just don't think it's quite right for me. OK so here's what I'm looking for:
    1) Black satchel that's big enough to fit essentials plus a few extras, but not too big for going out at night
    2) Less than $700.
    3) soft, buttery leather (I'm not into really structured bags)
    4) no white stitching
    5) Doesn't have to be a popular designer, I'm open to anything.

    So far I'm leaning toward the Botkier Medium Bianca or the Sherry Wolf Jessica.
    Can you guys give me more suggestions?

    medium bianca botkier.jpg Sherry wolf jessica.jpg
  2. The Sherry Wolf Jessica looks delish!

    I recently got the Marc Teri Turnlock by Marc Jacobs in black. I haven't used it yet. However, I'm not sure it would work for evening.
  3. Since you live in NY, have you seen bags by Kazuyo Nakano? If so, what's the quality like?


    Theodora TH562
  4. has a black Gryson Ava on sale. Plus I think you can use the code TOUTIE2007 to get more off.
  5. You might consider getting an inexpensive "black bag pro tem" while you await the appearance of your expensive dream bag.

    In the other black bag thread, there is a description of the one I found at the Burlington Coat Factory for $11.98.

    It's large enough to carry the necessities, but small enough to use for "regular" evening events, though it is in no way an "evening" bag. It can go proudly out to dinner, but not to the opera, if you know what I mean.
  6. Here is the Gustto Large Baca that a lot of the girls have been raving about:
    It is $760 at Neiman but if you search the threads I am sure you can find it for a better price.

    But I LOVE the Bianca satchel. Just beautiful.
  7. Oh my :drool: passerby, I want, I want, I want.

    "How about this AleyaNY bag?"

    I bet I can't get it anywhere in the UK :hysteric: typical!
  8. I just picked up a Botkier Trigger East/West Satchel. My first Botkier and I totally love it. I was checking out a ladie's Botkier Bianca at a party and it's gorgeous.

    My vote: Botkier!! The leather and quality of the bag is incredible. I was looking for the same things you were, soft leather, satchel style ... but I couldn't find anything that compared to the Botkier. I like how it's sorta slouchy.
  9. i like the botkier, although they are all cute
  10. I don't love the Jessica. It looks like it might be trying a bit to be a b-bag. I realize that not all bag with long tassels are trying to be b-bags, but you get the gist.

    What about this:

    in black? It's not quite a satchel, but I think it's a good size. I ordered a smiliar one, but larger, last winter and sent it back because it was too big. I just ordered this exact one myself with the similar intentions that to yours: big enough, nice enough, light enough, fun enough, classic enough. I should have it within the week.
  11. You guys have posted a lot of great bags! I had the Gustto Baca medium on my list of potentials for a while and then crossed it off. I can't remember why now. I'll probably buy the Boktier. I don't think the Sherry Wolf Jessica is trying to be a B-bag, but I'm afraid it might look a little to western with all the studs. Do you agree? I actually own the Sherry Wolf ballerina bag in a burgundy wine color and the leather is wonderful. (Not sure I'm crazy about the corset sides, but it's fun for now.)
  12. i'm going to frolic off and look for a bag i think you'll like... wish me luck lol
  13. ^ I also was going to suggest the Sherry Wolf Ballerina bag - I think it is adorable!! :yes:

    It is actually my wallpaper on my laptop right now(in white), even though I don't own one!! (yet....)