Help~~ The new Flap??

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  1. Recently I have seen some TPF members post a flap bag in caviar but the lock is the reissue lock. Does anyone know which one Im talking about? If yes, does anyone know the price of the bag! And, what size it comes with? I'm looking toward a east/west size or a medium...thx:confused1:
  2. thx...but is tht in caviar?
  3. Yes both prices I listed are for the caviar version with new lock and new chain.
  4. so the price of the new flap is similar to Reissue price!
    wouldnt it be better to just purchase the reissue???
  5. Hmm that question has come up quite a bit recently. I think it just comes down to personal preference...

    I think it will be easier to get the classic flap with new lock than it will be to get the reissue.
  6. Oh sorry Miraco! I must've been smoking crack for a little bit. I just wanted to clarify...when I said new chain above, I meant that apparently the jumbo caviar with mlle lock now comes with a shorter chain than the classic caviar with CC lock (which is good because you can wear the bag single chain and messenger style without looking crazy). But the chains are still interwoven with leather...which is the big difference between the reissue. All the reissues have the all-chain handles, which makes a big difference for some people.
  7. But I guess you could still get the same style as the classic flap with mlle lock and new chain that LambLovesChanels got in Vegas. It does look very similar to the reissue...

    Wow, the choices these days. How confusing!
  8. These posts should be in the main forum. You have posted this thread in the reference library.:yes:
  9. oh my god~~I just realize tht I post it in the reference thread...but I remember I post it in the shopping thread...weird? did someone move my thread???