help the new comer plz


which colour should i get?

  1. Noir city

  2. steel city

  3. mastic city

  4. Mogano city

  5. cafe city

  6. wait the 08 colours

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  1. I wanna buy my first balenciaga bag, but the colours trouble me, plz help me to decide a colour to easy wear in everyday.
  2. I wanna get my first b-bag, but the colours trouble me, plz help me decide which colour should I get to easy wear in everyday. or if you have some suggestion, plz tell me.thanks.
  3. hi there!

    for your first bag, i would say the steel or noir city! you can't go wrong with those colors for your first bag. my first bbag was a black first!

    Good luck! :heart::smile:
  4. Yes, I agree: black and steel are very versatile colors.
    But everything depends on the clothes you normally wear, on your hair, etc.
    For my first B.bag I had a RT.
    Anyways whatever you'll choose, it won't be your last B.bag, I'm afraid ;)
  5. Hi and welcome!
    It really depends on what colors you usually wear. For example, if you wear alot of earth tones such as browns, olives, beiges, then you can choose Mastic, Mogan, Cafe.
    But of coz, the safest and easiest color to match is Black and steel!
    Anyway, after getting your 1st bag, you'll most probably want to get the other colors too. Its really quite addictive. 1 is never enough!!! ;)
  6. i vote for the steel coz its not as harsh as black... or if you're into browns, then Cafe or mogano is gorgeous! good luck!
  7. I love mogano, so I vote for that!
  8. I think Balenciaga does the best black bag out there.

    So I voted accordingly :heart:
  9. A Black City is a must
  10. I voted for Steel, but I think all the colors you're considering are nice neutral colors for your first bag. It really depends what colors you wear the most. If you wear more brown, then Mogano or Cafe could be a better choice. But assuming you have a billion pairs of black pants like me, then I think Steel or black.
  11. black!!!!!!!
  12. Black! There's nothing better than a black bbag :yes:
  13. I voted for black. Black city was my first bbag and it is still my favorite.
  14. hi, welcome! i know its hard to decide but you have to decide what YOU like in the end. how about considering your wardrobe and shoes, which should preferably go with the bag? you can't fail with a black but do you really want this colour? ;)

    another member recently asked a similar question. hope you'll find the inputs useful in your decision-making. ultimately, it's v subjective, as you can see from the suggestions:
  15. I voted for steel because it's similar to black but different too and very pretty! Have you looked at any pictures? if you look around the boards you'll find gorgeous pictures and modeling pictures so you can see what you think woul work for you. Or, if there's a store that sells bal near you check it out in person!