Help the LV rookie! Looking for a cute little sling...

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  1. I usually really try to examine all threads before posting a question in case it's already been answered... but I'm overwhelmed :shame: I want an LV that I can use as a travel/sling bag, that's *small*-- just enough for phone, CCs, etc. All these pretty French names are throwing me off! There's a Sex in the City where Carrie has a Dior fanny-pack thing, which is about the size I'm thinking of. Can't do fanny packs though, no matter how chic the designer :P Can anyone help? So sorry to take up space with this question! Thanks so much!
  2. I have a tambourin, which can accomodate a phone, wallet, sunglasses, keys. A pochette cancun is a nice little sling, too. it can only hold a phone, and maybe keys. it's cute, though!

  3. Sorry I don't think you can do that...;) :yes:
  4. Pochette twin GM

    You can use it as sling bag and shoulder bag..

    Jamie pics from visual

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. i think a tambourine would be good.. or the salsa?
  6. Thank you! Sadly, I've been researching this since... oh, the *over an hour* that I posted this :Push: I'm a little closer to knowing what I want, but not totally. These answers really helped! Thank you!
  7. How about the Rift? I've got the Rift and I really like it. It has a really long shoulder strap and it can hold a small wallet, cellphone, pochette cles, and other little items like a notepad, pen, lipstick, etc...
  8. ^^ Oh, thanks eyelove! I hadn't seen that one yet. I was looking at the danube or amazone, but I really like the rift too. That's exactly the look I'm going for!
  9. OH! SORRY! Won't happen again! :smile: i also like the twin gm- lots of uses with that bag...
  10. You're welcome!

    Here is a picture of the Rift from e-luxury - this is what it looks like:
  11. Just wanted to let you guys know I found a great Amazone on eBay from a reliable seller for a good price... it should be here soon! This is my first LV bag (I have a wallet, but no bag! :wtf:) I'm already thinking about a Speedy now. Can't wait!!!
  12. Congrats!
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