Help! The Large Single or Alexander Wang Rocco?

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  1. Hi I've been on the hunt for the perfect black bag. I can only afford to keep one. Which should it be?

    Pros on the single:
    Lighter than the Wang bag
    more of an elegant, ladylike look

    Cons on the single:
    bold gold chain clashes with some outfits.
    Doesn't fit as much stuff for a day bag

    Pros on the Rocco:
    Beautiful thick bubbly leather
    Goes more with more casual clothing

    Short handles make it hard to wear on shoulder
    rather heavy

    Help! I'm so torn. There are pros and cons to both. Would like to hear others weigh in :smile:
  2. Hmm these are two very different bags - I think you need to ask yourself do you want the perfect going out black bag, or the perfect 'everyday' bag?

    The single can go with casual clothing, I think many of us who have the large single have used it whilst being 'dressed down' and haven't thought it looked out of place.

    If you feel that you don't need to carry much stuff, then I say get the the single. I can fit a fair amount in it though, a zip clutch, phone, sunglasses, key pouch, small makeup case. Unless you want (or need) to be lugging around other essentials during the day (eg water bottle, umbrella, books) then the single can work as an everyday bag IMO.
  3. these are both such different bags it's hard to compare them and choose one over the other. If you're looking for an every day bag, then I'd have to say the Alexander Wang (I've actually contemplated this bag myself and have gone back & forth about it!).

    The Lg Single is a beautiful bag - lightweight and easy to carry - but it doesn't hold a heck of a lot inside, esp if you're using a full size wallet. There's also a considerable difference in the price points.

    If it were me, I might get the Single now and add the Rocco later or vice versa - depending on what your needs are. If you need something that can hold a good amount of "stuff" I'd go with the Rocco first, and add the Single later

    Sorry that it's not much help, but like I said - the bags are so different and have diff uses- I'd say add both bags to your collection
  4. They are very different bags, but I would also note that the Rocco bag is very trendy with the studs and might look outdated much faster than the Single. Good luck, they are both beauties!
  5. prachi makes a good point. the rocco is a very trendy bag, and since it's the hot item du jour, there's a greater chance of it becoming tired and overexposed very quickly. the single, on the other hand, is classic and versatile. it's not just limited to daytime use plus it's a lot more comfortable to carry. they're both nice bags. good luck with your choice.
  6. yeah, being a fan of both and owning a single, it's hard for me to make a choice between the two. the rocco is slightly bigger, but it's a hand-carry only bag....and personally, i think that'd bug me a bit. they have completely different looks too IMHO. the rocco seems much more casual, and yes, has a bit of trendiness to it if studs and leather aren't normal dress for you, so you run the risk of it not being as chic in the next seasons....the single beats it in that way since it's a more classic/timeless design.
  7. i also love both (own neither!) :sad:

    i agree with everyone who has said that the AW bag is more trendy while the single is more classic and timeless. however, if the single won't fit what you need, then go for the rocco. i LOVE the look of the single but it's too small for me...maybe marc will make an EXTRA large single at some point? haha

    the rocco is such a great bag and i've heard the leather is amazing. but being hand carry only AND heavy would be a deal breaker for me. i can use hand carry bags (like the LV speedy) only if they are light.

    you have a tough decision ahead! ;) good luck and let us know what you decide! :heart:
  8. I am for the Single since it is such a timeless and classic piece. My Single would probably considered dressy and formal, but I've been able to work it into my casual jeans and cardi outfits just fine. Like Lilah, I am able to fit a good amount, with a little bit of room leftover.

    Dawn, if the Single came in an extra large size, that would solve all of our handbag problems!

    Good luck on your decision!
  9. I have the Rocco and the smaller single. I've been using my Rocco daily and only use my Single for days when I carry very little. I have a preference for hand-carry bags though. A lot of shoulder bags slip off my shoulders constantly and that bugs me.

    I love my Rocco and the weight doesn't bother me too much.
  10. lol you are so right! seriously, if he did an extra large, i'd be in heaven!
  11. I'm definitely a fan of both. For an everyday bag, I agree with ilmb that the rocco may be a more suitable black (love the black w/ brass studs and the black studs are gorge too). BUT it is the bag of the moment and a bit trendy. Love my large single, but would never use it as a day to day. I use it weekends and nights. Good luck!
  12. I'd like to echo some of the comments here -- I think it really depends on how much you carry. The Single is really classic IMO, but I don't think it carries nearly as much as the Rocco. I also do think that the Rocco, while gorgeous, it very trendy, so I think it really comes down to what you think speaks to you more. Have you had a chance to see either in person? Sometimes, I find that bags I drool over online have a different effect on me in person.

    Good luck!
  13. Since i got my first marc jacobs bag i want another ha! so i was thinking of this bag should i get it in raw sugar or grape juice????
  14. The large single is a great purse and not too heavy you can wear it dressed up or down. It's my first MJ purse that I purchased when the bag came out in Fuchsia.

  15. Raw Sugar and Grape Juice are MbyMJ colors - the Single/Lg Single are Collection bags, so it's not available in those colors. The closest might be Beige which was a color for Resort and is also a color for spring/summer. There are several threads that include pics of the color so you could see what it looks like.
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