Help!!! The Diamond Stitch Tote or the Classic Flap?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am considering either a black diamond stitch tote or a dark blue classic flap.

    Which one is a better value?

    Which one do you prefer? I am having a tough time deciding between the two. I would love to hear your opinions on them to help me make my decision.

    I am leaning towards the perforated classic flap because I love that color and it would go well with jeans.



  2. I have the large DS tote and it fits a lot of things and has lots of compartments so if you want some space go with the DS.
  3. I have the small DS tote and it's a really great bag. You can fit a lot into it! It looks great worn with work attire, but looks good with jeans as well. If you don't carry too much though then I have to say that dark blue flap is quite pretty. I think both bags are very versatile - it just really depends on how much you bring with you on a daily basis and what other bags you already have in your collection.
  4. I have both styles. If I go for a quick shopping, I use my e/w flap. If I want to carry a lot of stuff, I prefer my small DS tote.

    If I have to choose just one bag, I prefer the DS tote.
  5. DS tote is great. I have the small one but it is still quite roomy and has three compartments so you can be more organised. One thing I noticed though is that it's a bit heavy even though the inside is fabric (and not leather). Overall, a great looking bag. Happy shopping!:smile:
  6. Good thing you guys the DS tote better because someone ended the auction of the flap with a best offer of $780!

    I am so sad I was thinking about waiting and seeing what the price was and if it was low I could have gotten both. :crybaby:
  7. i would usually say blue classic flap but i had perforated leather!
  8. ^I would normally also say the classic flap, but the size is a bit small and I'm not a fan of perforated leather either. :nogood:

    I think the DS tote is a better size, and is more practical. :yes:
  9. i like the e/w flap but not in the perfo leather. i love the one in the same color which is bleu fonce but in caviar, it's an absolute darling!! i own a DS tote in black as well but in the smaller size. i gave that to my mom b/c i feel it's more suitable for her than for me. the flap is a forever classic! ;)
  10. Wow someone got a great deal on that blue flap. For that price I could live with the perforations lol. DS is a great bag but I prefer the smaller which holds a lot anyway.
  11. I have the DS Black large tote and is one of my "everyday" bags and love it so much:love::tup: so my vote goes for the DS:yes:
  12. Wow.
    I love that perf blue classic. :sad:
    But I would use the DS more... eeps.
    Personally I'd get the perf. It's such a great colour.
  13. The DS! What a fab bag!
  14. DS is also a great value. I believe that bag is up to $1995 now!
  15. Wow ... $780 is a steal, but don't worry. I am sure another will come along. :yes: