Help! The Derek Lam Guinevere or Balenciaga?

  1. I do you compare two styles are completely different in every way? Theyre so different and I still can't decide! I am a sale queen, and Im often tempted to base a lot of my shopping choices at least in part on how great the deal is. Call me bad, I guess that is just how I am. I dont usually have problems finding stuff I like on sale and its sort of fun.

    So I found these two bags at Barneys, great sale prices. Have to pick one. I need some expert opinions. Which do you like better?

    "Balenciaga 182107" in black (the duffel shape); or the "Derek Lam Geunevere" in black (the diamond shape with horn detal)

    I think I like the balenciaga better, I think its a litte more modern; but the Derek Lam was retail $2,000, while the Balenciaga was retail $1,295. I got each for $450. So basically Im having trouble letting go if the Derek Lam because Im not wanting to let go of the expensive "great deal". I love Derek Lam but does the bag look a little western or something?! The hardware is a little prettier on the Bbag too. They are both really nice. Thoughts?
  2. Heres the Bbag...
    IMG_2270.JPG 182107.jpg
  3. I say go for the balenciaga if you like it better, because it doesn't matter how good the deal was - if you don't like the bag as much, it won't be as thrilling in the end.
  4. I like the Balenciaga more. It's more versatile.
  5. I'd pick the Bbag. I think that particular style is gorgeous!
  6. the balenciaga, the leather is so yummy
  7. Bal :tup:
  8. Balenciaga
  9. i wanna say derek lam just to be different, but id have to agree...balenciaga :smile:
  10. Balenciaga Baby!!!
  11. Balenciagaaaa :tup:
  12. What is your honest feeling about the Derek Lam? I shouldnt keep both; that would be crazy. I think what I like least about the Derek Lam is the dark hardware.
  13. Go with your heart! Doesn't matter really what the rest of us think! They're both beautiful.
  14. I don't think you can go wrong with either one (and I looove deals like these!) but I am leaning towards the Bbag, that boxy shape is classic.

    Let us know what you end up with...