HELP!!! the buyer is going to open a dispute

  1. Hi everyone, I recently sold a bag on eBay, the retail is $1590, the bag end up with $710. I shipped the bag at the same day I got the payment, and the buyer received today, she said the condition is bad and is it out of shape. The bag is made of lambskin, after you use it, it will become softer and softer. I think the bag is still very pretty since it is very clean, and slightly worn. But she think that's very worn and ask me to refund her money.
    What should I do? I garatee the authentic in my auction but I did said all sales are final, and I provide serveral big pics in auction. Do I need to refund her money? or just wait the eBay to solve this.

    I feel so sad. I really hope all my buyer love their bag.

    thank for helping.
  2. Sorry, if they open that dispute, you could lose the money and the bag. Just refund and resell.
  3. So even this is not my fault, I will still need to refund her money?
    So what's the protection for me? I dont think I did anything wrong.
  4. if the buyer says Significantly Not As Described, then unless you can prove the bag was in better condition before you shipped it, then you're out of luck. If you accept paypal, then you automatically accept returns. Most of the time, the buyer wins in SNAD cases.
  5. Yes you would be as well to refund & resell as if Paypal returns her money to her they will do so without any onus on her to return the bag to you. I would just refund her money AFTER you receive the bag back & be done with her.
  6. thanks, I am going to email the buyer. I felt so sick of eBay. that's so unfair.
    so if the buyer just not in love the item or change their mind after received the item. They can filed this to ebay, isn't it.
    so what's the protection for me. I have been ebay serveral years, and I have 100% feedback, I never meet this situation before.
    I am so sad. When she paypal me $710 I only received $680. so how much should I refund her?
  7. just go into the payment she sent you. There is a link to refund her and they will refund her payment of $710 to her, but only take the $680 from you.
  8. you get pretty much no protection here

    just allow a refund, be nice about it, have her send it back and give her the money back, then sell it again

    trust me, it's the best way, otherwise it's entirely common and possible she'll get the bag and the money bc she will almost definitely win the dispute with paypal. they always side with the buyer in these things
  9. Ok, I just reply the buyer that I will refund her money.
    She email me said she think my authentic bag is not authentic. Which make me sick of it. I told her I will refund her once I got the bag.
    So is it anyways I can get back my money for final value fee from ebay?
    they charge me a lot for listing and final value.

    I am so appreciate for your helping. :heart:
  10. yes, file an unpaid item dispute once the item is back and the money is refunded, then select we've decided not to complete the transaction. you can't get your listing fees back, but you can get your final value fees back
  11. Once you have completed the unpaid item process, selecting that you mutually agreed to not complete the sale, you can relist the bag and if it sells you will get a credit for the insertion fee so you are not out insertion fees twice. The starting price of the relisted item cannot exceed the starting price of the original listing.
  12. Court's right - PayPal LOVES their buyers. After all, it's more damning to lose a buyer than a seller - there are only so many online payment methods a seller can use, and PayPal is the King. I hate to say it (b/c I've been in a similar situation too), just refund her, and re-list it. Hopefully, you'll do even better the 2nd time around.
  13. Thank you all. I do have other ppl bid on the listing. which is just slightly under her bid. $700 vs $710. But since I gonna spend my vacation in oversea, I dont think I am able to get the bag she return and sold it to the second offer person.
    Everything is just mess up. I really hope this buyer will never bid on my item, and it wont happen to anyone again. That's just so frustrated.
    I am so mad when the last mail she said the bag is a fake. I was like WTH, please educated yourself first then judge my bag. But I didn't say anything bad to her, I was being polite and say I will refund you if you can ship my item back. thanks.

    Bad day. :cursing:
  14. Oh, I have one more question, when I go to paypal to check how do I refund her money, I saw it says money refund has to be after 60 days of payment received.
    is that means she will need 2 months in order to get her refund?
    I am confused.

  15. No you should be able to click refund as soon as you get the bag back. You definitely dont have to wait 60 days but dont refund til you have the same bag in hand that you mailed her. Make sure it's your bag first! Sounds fishy to me like she's running a scam claiming it's fake.