Help! The bottom of my Westminster GM is buckling inward

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  1. I bought my Westminster GM back in March. I use it as an everyday bag. I've noticed that the bottom is starting to buckle inward onto the purse creating a second "pleat" on the bottom (on both sides!). Is this normal? I know this is suppose to be a structured bag but noticed that it was starting to soften up a bit with use. I don't mind the softening up, but I don't like how the bottom is now collapsing. Do you guys think it looks funny?
    lv westie.JPG
  2. oh no! :sad:
    mine doesnt do that but i have only used mine a handful of times

    can you try stuffing it with tissue paper to see if it'll come back out?
  3. That was what I was thinking too! Maybe stuff the bottom for a few days to see if it brings back its shape...This makes me nervous as I just bought the bag but have not used it yet..Still deciding if I will keep it...
  4. could it be that it's stuffed to the top, that's why the bottom is caving ini? maybe use a purse organizer for everyday to help retain the structure?
  5. It's called settling. My Palermo GM does that too.
  6. I would use a purse organizer to stiffen the base of it.
  7. It doesn't look funny, it just looks softer, mine has softened up a bit too but since I carry files and a notebook it hasn't changed shape at all. Maybe try redistributing your items a little? I wouldn't worry about it :smile:
  8. If you've been using it daily since March, the bag is getting softer and will settle. Specially if its always standing up on its own. Gravity does work btw.
  9. Thanks, I think I may have to do that. I'm just not a fan of purse organizers. I know that puts me in the minority.
  10. Thanks. I'm not too upset about it, I just hope it doesn't get any worse.
  11. I keep my Palermo stuffed with tissue paper in the corners when not using and it helps but the settling still bugs me because it tilts to one side when unstuffed!