HELP! Teal MAM or Teal Nikki?!

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  1. #1 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    Need some opinions- does the teal color/leather look better as a MAM or Nikki?

    I NEED something teal, but i'm torn between the two. I currently have 2 nikkis- a black and a wine. I kind of want to branch out and try a MAM but my major concern is whether it will fit comfortably on the shoulder.

    Just wanted some input as to whether the nikki or MAM looks better in teal.

    Thanks girls!
  2. Well you know you love the nikki ... i don't think the mam is quite as comfy on the shoulder as the nikki. I would recommend you go for another nikki if that's your style!! good color choice :winkiss:
  3. How about a teal Darling as the syle has lots of shoulder appeal?
  4. I would choose the Nikki, just because the leather seems more appropriate as a shoulder rather than a toteY MAM.
  5. I'm odd man out here. . . Even though I'm a great big Nikki whore, I have to said that I LOVE the Teal in a MAM!!
  6. I love both! Nikki a little more I think!
  7. I think the teal leather is better-suited for a Nikki... so slouchy!
  8. ITA...and the MAM, while cute, is not a comfy shoulder bag, even if you have super slim shoulders. If you want to branch out, how about a Beloved, Mini Beloved, or Darling?
  9. It would be a Nikki for me. I am no longer very fond of the MAM/MABS.
  10. What about Matinee?I love teal on this bag!
  11. Teal MAM & since it comes with a *strap*, you know itll fit your shoulder!!

    i love the MAM style with distressed leathers because when you're holding a MAM on your arm it showcases the gorgeous leather, while i feel like the nikki kinda hides under my arm, behind me...
  12. I vote Teal MAM! (Because I have one on the way :blush:)

    All the Teal MAMs I've seen have straps included, so you can wear it on your shoulder too!
  13. I love the teal in the mini devote style, but between Nikki and MAM, I prefer teal in a nikki.
  14. If you have the Nikki style already, I'd go for a different style. A MAM, MAC, or Mini Beloved! The Matinee is a great choice too, if you can find it. It does fit better on the shoulder than a MAM, but doesn't have a strap like the MAM.
  15. I say MAM.. I adore that style and while I love the Nikki too I love having a great satchel. I am a huge satchel fan though! I also think it's much easier to find your stuff in a MAM..