HELP! Taking your SO on a business trip.

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  1. My boyfriend is going out of state for business and he wants me to go with him. I know generally SO's do go if they have time themselves. Can/should he just bring me or is it up to the company? He will be gone for 3 weeks and would like me to be with him. He had suggested that he wanted to drive the 13 hours vs flying and HR asked why? We would rather fly since they're paying for his ticket and expensives anyways and my ticket would just pay be out of pocket. They pay for his rental car too but it's a shared rental car with another employee. Would it just be best for him to tell them he prefers to have his own rental car if he flys or is he better off just telling them its a personal preferences of driving there?
  2. It depends on his company's travel policies but in my experience, he should adhere to his company's travel policies, and you two will need to make and pay for your arrangements.

    Assuming his company is putting him up in a hotel or corporate apartement, I don't think it's necessary for him to disclose you are staying there too. The cost of his lodging would be the same for just him anyway, so it shouldn't matter. That said, you should be careful to follow any lodging policies the company has in place, unless you pay out of pocket for them. Examples are room service, in-room movies, laundry/dry cleaning, etc.

    If his company pays for him to fly, as you said, your plane ticket will be your expense. If his company pays for 1 rental car to share for 2 employees, if you want a rental car in the location, you and your BF should pay for your rental car.

    Alternatively, you could opt to drive your/his car the distance from your home to the work location, and thus have a car there for your use. If he wants to drive with you AND his company is accepting of significant others joining their employees on business trips, then it shouldn't be an issue for him to request to drive with you and disclose you're joining him. He'll just need to test the waters of bringing SOs and respond accordingly.

    Good luck!
  3. my friend will take her husband often on her business travels, recently because he's been without a job.
    she follows all of her guidelines for traveling. they pay for all of his expenses. obviously the hotel is already paid for, but they pay for his meals.... plane ticket... anything that would otherwise not have paid for by the company.

    when she does her work stuff he just goes and does stuff on his own for the day.
  4. I agree with both redney and ILuvShopping - just adhere to his company policies and pay for everything that normally wouldn't be paid for by the company. When my SO takes me on his business trips, we'll split up the bill so his company pays for my meals (if they are expensing that) and I'll pay for mine or he'll pay for mine out of his own pocket.

    When my company takes trips, I'll always invite him and no one has ever minded. One issue that came up, however, was with another coworker... She invited her husband to one of the work dinners while we were on a trip and people really frowned upon that, since it was a time for employee bonding and the company had to pay for his food and drinks.
  5. Our company policies tend to be the same, if its no cost to the company then fine (eg the hotel room) but anything else you pay for yourself.

    Depending on what they are doing there it can cause a few issues too. When I do my jollies around the globe a big part of my task is to build stronger bonds between the different offices/ countries and therefore most evenings there are informal/ casual drinks or food etc.

    If my other half was "alone in the hotel" (they wouldn't actually be as they'd be doing stuff but they would be on their own) then I would feel torn between doing what I should and talking to new colleagues and going back to be with them after they've spent the day alone.
  6. that's pretty much how i see the situation. and depends on his position in the company as well..
    my sis invited me to a company trip (some celebration event)...and every employee brought their BIL was unavailable so i tagged along. everything was paid for except my air stick to the company policy.
  7. I would also consider whether the company's culture is one where people bring their SOs on trips. From the sound of it, your SO is on an extended business trip, so I think it's fine (and appropriate) for you to join him for some portion of that trip. But I would be cautious about your SO's company policy on this type of thing. To me, if someone brought their SO along to a company event/outing/business trip and no one else did, that might look a bit strange.
  8. This sounds incredibly strange to me. I would never do this unless there was a specific company policy or culture of bringing SOs.

    Certainly I think if the company wants your SO to fly, he should fly, and it is not appropriate to ask for his own rental car because he has you with him. You can rent a car separately.
  9. I'd say it's fine, but request nothing extra from the company. Fly - pay for your own ticket, and the two of you can rent a separate car on your own. IMO It's not appropriate to ask the company to pay for a second one.
  10. Old thread.
  11. not super old. it was created less than a month ago
  12. I accompany my husband often and last year, i went with my daughter. I should note that i will only go if the destination is of interest to me and is relatively safe for me to wander alone.. Because i do end up spending time by myself

    I always pay my own way and go with THEIR flow.. Meaning, if there are meals plans for employees only, i know my place and will just make other plans

    I have been doing this for a long time and have become very good at staying out of the way and doing my own thing and I think that is key to a successful company trip for your spouse/partner

  13. Sorry, it was right on the first page so I didn't check the dates. I'm curious to see if they figured out any details anyway! :P