Help? Sylvana in black or Ines in peanut?

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  1. I have 2 choices and I need help? Would you buy an Ines in peanut for $825 or aSylvana in black for 650? I have never seen either bag IRL? Help:confused1:Did you notice I can't spell!!!
  2. Will somebody weigh in on this and help me make up my mind? Please:confused1:
  3. I love the Silvana since for me it is easier to wear on my shoulder due to the longer strap. Both are beautiful bags...
  4. I personally like the ines in peanut but i saw it on sale for 539 on Barneys so 825 is not the best price. but if that doesn't bother you take that one! do you have a lot of black bags? if so, go w/ something different. if not, a classic black bag is always useful :smile: hope this helps!
  5. I think both are beautiful but I think I would get more use out of the peanut as it would really spice up that favorite pair of jeans and a white t-shirt or tank top (isn't that what everyone ends up wearing when nothing else looks right?) :smile:
  6. I think you should really try to see each bag IRL if you are having this much trouble deciding between the two of them. You might end up liking one much more over the other based on several factors. Also, consider the possibility of whether you'd be able to find either bag at lower prices. Good luck with your decision!! definitely let us know what you decide to do!
  7. The Ines is a looker, but IRL its smaller than you might think and it has real short handles. Probably not a great everyday bag, IMO.
  8. I like both bags but I prefer the Ines. :yes: Good luck with your decision muggles!
  9. I like the Silvana - I actually bought this bag back in December after first markdown in the Teal color. I loved everything about it - its shape, the quilting, the chain strap w/leather shoulder pad and the full top zipper which comes undone at one end (just like the Stella). The only thing I didn't like about it was its lack of pockets, but I found that the slip pocket inside was large enough to hold a cell phone along with a few other smaller items (I also figured I could buy one of the $20 quilted pouches from the MbyMJ store if I needed something extra inside!).

    I ended up returning it though because the day after Xmas I bought a Green Mina. As much as I loved the Silvana, I couldn't see myself needing (and/or using) two green bags. So after much consideration, I decided to return the Silvana. If it had been any other color (or if my Mina had been another color), I would have kept it.

    I think it's a great bag & you don't see many of them around. I vote for the Silvana!!

    Here are a few pics of the Silvana that I had:
    silvana1.jpg silvana2.jpg silv-zc2a.JPG
  10. i like the ines better. i love it in peanut. the silvana is nice, but the shape is a little off to me. do you already have a black bag? if so, you should go for the peanut. it's a neutral color that everyone needs in their bag collection.
  11. I would say it depends on what you already have in your collection because they are both great, classic looking bags. Aside from that, I'd say the black silvana because it's larger, can fit on your shoulder more comfortably, and since it's black it will handle wear better and longer.
  12. I think she already purchased the peanut Ines. :yes:

    Congrats Muggles!!! :heart:
  13. ^ cool! this subforum has been moving so fast lately, i can't keep track of things like i used to.
  14. Congrats muggles!! You'll love it I'm sure. It's pure class!!!
  15. ^ Christy, love your baby dog!!