help ...swift or chevre.....

  1. :confused1::confused1:please ...I can't get a decision ...advice me .WHAT WILL YOU GO FOR?
    A lovely smooth brown havanne birkin 35cm. in swift or a elegant chocolate 35cm. in chevre leather ?
    I really don't know .... :shrugs::shrugs:
    please help.
  2. I like both leathers and have birkins in chevre and swift. In swift, the brown is really rich and deep. With the chevre, it is really shiny. It is really up to your personal preference. Do you want a birkin that looks smooth or grainy. The chevre will look stiffer while the swift is really very mou/floppy. The chevre is harder to scratch. Weight-wise, it should be about the same as swift is light.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  3. great advice from AAB...either bag will be lovely, but to have one in chevre would be so wonderful! keep us posted on your choice!
  4. I would go with chevre. I love floopy bags, but think swift in 35 would be a bit too floppy for me.
  5. I'm partial to chevre so that's my vote!!!!
  6. yup and since it is ahrd to get nowaday i would snap it up in a minute
  7. Chevre for the 35 Birkin. DEFINITELY!
  8. Chevre. I think the swift will get too mushy in a 35 over time.
  9. thank you for your help are so lovely and helpfull ...
    ....sO LET CHEVRE 35CM. BIRKIN BROWN HAVANNE ..BE......!!!!!!
    love to everybody help me with this vital decision....!!!
  10. Well I for one will be awfully excited to see that bag, since I was told by two of my SAs that they're not making 35cm Birkins in Chevre at the moment. The reason we had this conversation is that I wanted one too! So, needless to say, I vote chevre if you can get it.
    LOVE ANGEL2307
  12. that is my dream bag too. I actually sent back a 35 havanne swift and have been waiting to replace it with a havanne in anything but swift or epsom. I would love it in chevre. oh you lucky lucky girl. I am so jealous.
  13. Wow, you scored! Looking forward to pics!
  14. ^ You certainly did. Good for you!