help!!! Suspicion of fake bag from ebay

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  1. About 2 months ago i bought a Dior bag from eBay. I didn^t know anything about eBay and i thought everything was genuine etc... Yes , I was stupid, unfortunately. Well, the bag did not state its name (only that is authentic from France, had a lot of pictures...) but when i got it I got very suspicious so I searched every web page to find a similar Dior bag and compare it. After reading your comments, which were very helpful I came to the decision that it^s fake. So, I opened a dispute on paypal to get a full refund. Now, the seller claims that she has the genuine reciept, which I believe is a lie.

    You can have a look at the bag here:

    eBay: 100% authentic Black Suede Women's Bag (FRANCE) (item 280058939373 end time Dec-16-06 07:31:40 PST)

    the bag came with a little label of Dior and that´s what initially made me believe is authentic. But the dustbag was plain white (no Dior logo) and the quality not as the beautiful bags on the Dior website. There is no auth. number or Christian Dior writen inside.
    Another thing: a few days after i bought the bag the seller´s account got suspended.I escalated the dispute at paypal.

    please have a look and tell me your opinion.
    I paid 102 British pounds for it. The amount sounds very suspicious to me cause normally this bag, if authentic should have reached a lot more. Thanx
  2. hi milanmania2,

    as far as i know lady diors usually come with the cannage quilting rather than the dior monogramming. the dior monogramming on this bag also looks really awkward.

    i really hope paypal would help to get your money back in this case since it's still quite a lot of money to pay for a fake.

    oops and just a gentle reminder, you might want to post any (future) authentication questions in the "authenticate this! dior" post at the top of the board. ;)
  3. I believe this bag is a horrible immitation of the east west bag. That bag was the only one that I found closer to the one I bought. Have you ever come across this specific bag in the pictures;
  4. ^ can't see any pictures except for the one in the auction.
  5. I didn´t upload any pictures yet. I was talking about the ones in the link i provided.

    Oh another question: when a seller gets suspended on eBay what are the usual reasons?
  6. Please post authenticity questions in AUTH THIS thread
  7. :yes: :yes: :yes:
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