Help support me in my Coach ban...

  1. Some information has come to light very recently in the wake of some problems with DH's health (hence the back surgery he's going in for) that have made me realize that I must put myself on an indefinite ban. I am going to return the medium tote and not get anything to replace it. While this feels like it will kill me (and I know it won't but you know what I mean) that I probably won't ever get my Black Ali or a large Bleeker flap in a nice neutral color :crybaby: it's got to be done. I will try to hang around here as long as it doesn't make me too sad. But I think I will feel good seeing everyone else's purchases and chatting with everyone until the day I can un-ban myself.:crybaby: I just hope they don't come out with too many cute pink things :crybaby:
  2. I can painfully identify with you here, albeit our problems are slightly different. It hurts, but taking care of your DH is of course the most important thing. You know everyone is here for you if you need them :smile:
    I find myself nervous to tell my family that I'm going to Iraq. Not nervous about going, but nervous about them freaking out so far away from me. I'm nervous about the fact that my DH's parents are so willing to alienate us before we leave, just because they don't support our military life. I'm nervous to talk to them and lay it out flat: "We could die, do you still want to push us away like this?" It's so blunt and terrible, but at this point, needs to be said!
    Ah, there's so much more, but the bottom line is we don't have $$$ for anything either. It will be worth it later, but it still hurts to have been planning for things to make us feel happy and pretty - and then to not be able to make it happen.

    PM me anytime if you need to talk or vent or anything, ok?
  3. Tanukiki: I am so sorry to hear about your husbands health...I hope he gets better soon! My belief, since we bought our new house, has been this: if you cant pay for it w/ CASH, you dont need it. And I DRILLED that into myself! It worked and we no longer use credit cards unless we are paying them off at month end! Health is much more important than ANY bags, and having money along w/ health is always a plus. I think you are VERY SMART to put yourself on a ban right now to care for you hubby!!!! Take care of your hubby, get him better, and then treat yourself to a nice, new bag! It will mean much more to you then as well!!! PLEASE dont leave as we enjoy your company though!!! We'll all miss you too much!!!!
  4. ^ Mommyville makes a great point!!!! I don't think I've ever used a credit card to buy anything from Coach! It will feel great when your DH is feeling better and doing well, and then you can reward yourself for being such a great wife, supporting him and taking care of him during a hard time.
  5. Tanukiki & Candace117 - best of luck to both of you. Have faith that everything will work out for the best.
  6. Thank you!!! You would be surprised how many girls I see in the boutique who are standing in line complaining about their credit cards being so high and being concerned they are going to max them out, and then purchasing handbags w/ their credit cards anyway!!!! This seriously amazes me!!! :confused1: I have to stare when I hear this!!!
  7. Best of luck to you and thank you for taking care of our country the way you do!!!! YOU are truly appreciated!!!! :tup:
  8. I had to get credit cards because I had to in order to pay for school one was ridiculous but I had no other options at that time...needless to say off a student's income it didn't help and I am STILL paying them off...and if I use them now I send in a payment for the full amt in a week or two! I don't get how girls my age can do this! If I didn't get my credit cards that I've had for 6 yrs now, I would never open them now!:nogood:
  9. GOOD GIRL!!!!! Credit cards can become like potato can never have just one and then all that debt adds up before you know it. Thankfully, it didnt affect us when we went to apply for a mortgage for our new house, and we were able to pay off all our credit card debt at closing.....That's why I say NEVER again!!!! I'm right there w/ you!!!! :yes:
  10. I hope your husband feels better very soon, tanukiki, and has a quick recovery from his back surgery. I agree with the others, you should treat yourself to a bag once it's all said and done for being such a great, supportive wife. Bags will come and go, but health is much more important! In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful bags you already own and appreciate them that much more. :smile:
  11. I think I can honestly say that everyone here supports you tanukiki and candace117 (and everyone else here going through a hard time).

    Wishing the best for everyone out there!
  12. ^^^ I'm om the same boat with you! My DH isntilled that whole if you don't have the cash to buy it then too bad!
    Tanukiki I am here for you and if you need to talk feel free to PM me!
    Candace- Same goes for you! My brother is in the Army and I wouldn't dare dream to treat him bad just because I don't agree with him being in there.
  13. tanukiki,

    Our thoughts are with you and I know this will be a difficult time for you. I wish your DH a speedy recovery and hope that all be well again for your family soon.

    Have you ever visited the Money Talks forum? There is a fantastic group of ladies in that forum and they have a Bag Ban Buddy Club there for ladies who are trying to keep from buying anything and supporting one another's financial goals. I know they'd welcome you to the thread...
  14. TejasMama has a great idea for that thread! There's also Twiggers' curbing consumerism thread which is also helpful if you are trying to save up any money you can - everyone there has some amazing stories and are so helpful at encouraging and supporting people that make the decision to be careful and scrimp on things.
  15. Thanks for the kind words and the other threads suggestions. I don't venture too much out of the Coach subforum but I guess I should:yes: Thanks again. I feel like I really have some good friends on here.