Help!! Suggestions needed please!!!

  1. This is a bit long, so please bear with me!! I listed a Chloe Edith bag on eBay with a BIN price of $500 about 2 weeks ago, I figured $500 is a pretty good price for a brand new Chloe bag since I bought it on sale from Aloha Rags couple months ago and never used it. This eBayer emails me asking if I would sell it to her for $350, I replied saying that is too low and she keeps emailing me say that she only has $415 in her bank account and for me to sell it to her at that price which I ignored. Auction ends and guess who's the winning bidder for $476?? It's her of course! I send her a paypal invoice, she emails me back 2 days later asking if she could pay by MO because Paypal closed her account!! I emailed her back saying that I could give her several more days to reopen her paypal account. Finally 5 days later I receive payment from her, and I sent the bag off to her via FEDEX 2-day. Then more problems...FEDEX couldn't deliver the package to her because someone at her apt. told the FEDEX courier that there was no such person there. I emailed her & called her to confirm her address and telling her to contact FEDEX asap to resolve the problem. 2 days later, she emails me telling me that she waited all day at home for the package?!! I told her I will call FEDEX and have them redeliver the package on Monday being that it's already late Friday, but it's best for her to call them as well since it might be more convenient for her to pick-up the package at a FEDEX station instead. No response over the weekend, then on Monday I emailed & called her again to let her now that FEDEX is redelivering the package to her that day. She emails me back saying that she's not home and she can't call them, so she just wants the package left in front of her apt. I told her that FEDEX won't do that since it's a signature required package...she NEEDS to call them to reschedule another delivery or have them hold it at a FEDEX station until she could pick it up. As of last night, FEDEX's tracking says that it's unable to deliver/person not available for signature and package is held at local FEDEX facility. I'm so fustrated now, what should I do if she refuses to contact FEDEX?? Please help!!!!
  2. surely its down to her now to get her parcel re-delivered, what a palava ! poor you !
  3. ooh so weird... make me confuse :confused1: what's her intention?? Why she act such she didn't care with her bag?
  4. Well I reckon you should refund her money and let me buy it immediately! :tup: PLEASE..... :yahoo:other than that great suggestion (and I am serious) I cant help. You cant do anymore.....
  5. You have met and exceeded your obligations. Since she won't accept delivery of the bag it will be returned to you. File an NPB, relist it, and hopefully it will sell to the above tPF'er.:jammin: Sorry you had the misfortune of crossing paths with her.
  6. I agree. Recall the package, ding the buyer if you want, refund minus shipping, and relist. Are you sure she gave the right address?

    She could calll FedEx and she can makie arrangements to pick it up if she wants.
  7. Exactly! Seems like she wanted the bag bad enough prior to winning the auction! Now it seems as if she doesn't care. :confused1:
    Anyway, I just checked FedEx's tracking and it's being redelivered again and I emailed her to let her know that as well.
  8. Can I file a NPB and relist the item? Technically she did pay for the item, it's just that she's not picking up the bag from FedEx.
  9. Since her Paypal address is unconfirmed, I specifically contacted her prior to shipping out the package to verify her address. She emailed me again with her address when I emailed her about the package being undeliverable, so I know it's the correct address she gave me.
    I've been telling her to contact FedEx directly, since the first failed delivery attempt and she just won't do it for some unknown reason.
  10. i think she's giving you the run around and look for excuses to have this go poorly. esp her says oh tell them to leave it in front of my door. right, so she can say she never got it. i think she never had the money for this in the first place and has been treading water since the beginning. something's fishy.
  11. Ummm I think hlfinn is correct! If FedEx leave it in front of her door then she could come after you, file dispute and claim she never received it nor sign the shipment invoice. It mean she'll get her money & your bag, OMG, she's so tricky, let's stop it and safe your time & money twhich you already spent to take care with this mad woman
  12. crap! painful stuff! good luck.
  13. I say to tell FedEx to just return it to you.

    Then refund her money and let someone who REALLY wants the bag to buy it!

  14. I Agree! Get Your Bag Back From Fedex...then Refund Her...she Probably Wanted It Left Outside The Door (???duh)and Then She Could Say It Was Stolen, You'd Refund Her And She'd Have A Free Bag....i Do Paypal Get Your Bag Back, And Be Firm In Your Listings. Good Luck!
  15. I agree with hlfinn as well!
    Honestly, I had a bad feeling about this from the beginning, which is why I made sure I confirmed her address before shipping out the bag and sent it via FedEx with signature required. Apparently that wasn't enough to discourage any devious attempts on her part. :tdown: