help suggest a present for my 18th!

  1. hey guys! so i'm turning 18 in september and my friends wanted to chip in together and buy me something... so i'm gonna drop some hints here and there :graucho: i'm thinking maybe some nice jewellery but i don't have time to pop into the store at the moment cuz i'm a med student and i'm super busy. so does anyone have suggestions for a budget of $1000? i'm thinking maybe a nice pendant or something... :yahoo: i saw some really nice ones on the chopard website but i don't know how much they are...

  2. For that amount, I'd get something classic like some diamond stud earrings, ring or watch. Something you can wear and appreciate every day.
  3. Happy Birthday in advance! my birthday is in sept as well :smile:

    I have two Chopard pendants and they are beautiful - but they were both more than $1,000 so im not sure if they have any at around that price - if they do def go for it.

    I think a pendant is a great idea or a pair of diamond studs.
  4. I agree on the diamond studs-Tiffany!
  5. I suggest Bvlgari. They have a big collection of pendants and rings.

    I liked these two:

    18 Ct White Gold Ring for [FONT=Century Gothic, Arial, Verdana]$749

    [/FONT] 18 Ct Yellow Gold Ring for [FONT=Century Gothic, Arial, Verdana]$999[/FONT]
    [FONT=Century Gothic, Arial, Verdana][/FONT]Happt Birthday!!
  6. another vote for diamond studs.