Help!!! Style 11332 or 11330?


Which Style?

  1. Get the #11330 now!

  2. Wait for the #11332 with flap

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  1. Girls, I have a tough decision here. I am drooling on some of you's recent purchase on the red embossed leather keepall sytle #11330. I had to call up my outlet and find out that they have it!:yahoo:But then I remember I have seen a similar style in the boutique but with the flap. I looked it up on the internet and find out that the style number is #11332. Do somebody know they had hit the outlet store yet? I am so indecisive should I grab #11330 or should I wait for #11332 with the flap if they will ever make to the outlet. What do you think?
    I am attaching the photos that I found on the internet for both style. Sorry for the bad quality of the 11332. This is the only stock photo I found on online.
    11330.jpg 11332.jpg
  2. i checked with the customer service at jax about 11332 the one with the flap and according to them it was a limited edition and they are completely sold out in all colors so therefore it u won't find it at the outlet
  3. Thank you Summer 71 for your help. I guess that make my decision easy...
  4. I don't know if you will like the flap as much. I cant find that style on the website now, but I have a bag with a flap and it gets really annoying when you are trying to access your bag while it is on your arm. Even with two hands you will need to rest the straps on one the forearm and use your hand on the same arm to hold the flap open while your free hand digs around. It takes a while to get used to, but I've seemed to do ok with it. Like I said though, it gets annoying, especially when you are shopping
  5. I just received the red one for Christmas and love it! Kinda annoyed its at the outlets already, but at least my DH got the PCE discount on it.
  6. Sounds like your decision is made.. go get it at the outlets!!! :tup:
  7. I like the one with the flap a lot better. Though I love the embossed leather, I just think that 11332 has an overall classier, more elegant look. It's hard to describe... I can see why this is a tough decision though..both bags are equally gorgeous!
  8. I saw the one with the falp in red at my outlet (vacaville, ca) It was 307 plus 20% off.
  9. i totally agree! i hate flaps, they are annoying when i need to access my bag. i definitely prefer the open top or zipper bags. i saw these in person, the embossed is gorgeous! i definitely vote for the first picture.
  10. I was just going to say that I hadn't seen the flap style anywhere and I thought it might be difficult to find. I didn't realize that it was limited though. I think you would be happy with the 10330, its a really nice bag and the red is a gorgeous color.
  11. Thank you everyone for the help. I found one with flap (style #11332) in Parchment and Tan in my outlet. I am getting it this Saturday!:yahoo: