Help! Studying Techniques?

  1. I don't know why, its just so difficult for me to concentrate when I need to study!
    After 2 exams this past Friday, I have another one coming up on Monday.
    Instead of studying, I spend my whole day on tPF!
    I find that the only place I can concentrate is if I'm at a coffee shop where I have no access to internet cause I don't want to pay for it. But I don't want to keep going out and spending money on coffee.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how they study at home? :sad:
  2. Yes- Im in law school and I agree that is very hard to focus at finals time because by this point you just want to go christmas shopping, etc. and get school over with. I set limits for myself since it seems like I can spend hours surfing the internet when Im supposed to be studying and not even notice! Ill be like ok- I can't check purse forum, etc. again until I study up to a certain point. I also make outlines and print them out so that I can study straight off of the paper and leave my computer in another room so it wont tempt me. Still, I know how hard it is. I have 2 finals left and Im so over studying right now! Good luck!!
  3. Good luck to you too!!
    I'm still on tPF goofing around right now. :sad:
    My need to avoid studying has gotten so bad that I'm browsing on every single subforum to find things to read. :sad:
  4. LOL ME TOOOO! so bad! ok im stopping now :p
  5. I AM THE SAME!!! I have to study chem and I regret ever taking it and i'm having the worst time trying to focus even though i know it's really important. I just want this quarter to be over!!!!
  6. I lock myself in my bedroom without my laptop. I don't have anywhere to sit besides my bed, so I get really uncomfortable. It's a good motivator to get done quickly lol :p

    And I set up a deadline for myself and a reward for if I meet the deadline. Sometimes it's something small, like if I get this done by a certain time then I get to have a bowl of ice cream. If it's something really important I need to get done, I tell myself that if I can get it done by a certain time I'll reward myself with something I've been wanting like a bag or a piece of jewelry...
  7. I find it so hard to focus/find my motivation sometimes! I always think "I rather be doing this, or I rather be at that place, etc. I just think to myself that in couple days(or whenever the assignment/exam is), it's over. I also, like someone else mentioned, set limits for myself. I'll say, finish this chapter, then you can watch television for a bit or go online for 15 minutes, then continue with studying. I find it sooooo important to take breaks, or else you just get so overwhelmed and frustrated. So, I just stop and relax for a little, then continue. Good luck!
  8. I set goals for myself. For example, I say 'no internet until you have reread this chapter' or 'no checking tPF until you finish writing one page of this paper'

    It helps break things up!
  9. I agree with what the other posters have said. I also disconnect from the internet if I'm typing or researching on the computer just so I won't be tempted to check tpf. Reinforcements can be very helpful as long as it's something that you really want.
  10. I also set goals for myself. Like twiggers said, no internet till I read this chapter.

    My dad gave me the best advice when I was studying for my last finals, senior year of college. He told me there is only so much you can absorb, and that you should study for a couple of hours, or as long as you can handle it, then drink a beer or two, relax and go to bed :tup: This helped me a lot!
  11. I turn my computer off and put the laptop away. I give the tv remote to my mother because I won't watch tv without it. I'm too lazy to get up and manually change the channel. So then I sit on my bed and start reading and highlighting. I also give myself little rewards. "I can go on tPF for 20 minutes after I read chapter 10. I can have a piece of cake after I read chapter 11." Etc. I try to start my studying a few days before the exam. I know I'll get distracted here and there so I want enough time to do all my reading. I'm trying really hard not to wait for the night before.
  12. thanks for the advice guys! :tup:
    i'm such a procrastinator it's so bad. i won't feel the pressure and won't concentrate until the last minute. :sad:
  13. LOL, I'm being naughty too! I do go to a coffee shop and study there without internet because that seems to work. Try disconnecting your internet for a set amount of time. After that time give yourself a 15 minute break to play online for a little while.

    Good luck! I cannot wait until finals are over!!
  14. I use to bring my Ipod to Starbuck's, dress warm, have a nonfat latte and get to "studying".
    good luck on finals!
  15. I am the worst tooo, thats probably why i only get 3-4 hrs of sleep a night during the week....ugh..cant wait til finals are over either!!!

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU TPF'ers struggling through finals these next few weeks!!!