Help! Strap is snapping off of new Loeffler Randall Handbag

  1. A brief background: I'm really new to the handbag world, joined TPF and patiently waited for ideas and absorbed everyone's knowledge on handbags. So I finally took the plunge and bought the small kitty slouch bag in teal by Loeffler Randall at the end of May for my 24th birthday - my first big step into buying handbags that cost more than $75-100....

    What attracted me to the bag was the beautiful, deep teal color, its size (fits a lot but not too large), and the price was just right for my modest budget. The leather, though not as soft as the Gusttos, etc., looked like it was going to hold up well over time, and a major plus for me was that not many people had this bag or this color.

    I only started using the bag about two and half weeks ago. I didn't want to use it right away in case I decided I didn't like it as much as I had thought and wanted to return it. And in my third week of using it, one the braided straps is starting to snap off. I would post a photo but I don't have my camera with me.

    I'm so sad and fairly annoyed... do you guys have any suggestions as to what I should do?

    I'm really annoyed about spending a couple hundred of dollars to buy a bag that is breaking in my third week of use. I don't think I can return it to the vendor because it's not in its original condition (partially broken strap) and it has been after 30 days since I bought it. I just tried calling Loeffler Randall directly, but only got the voicemail. :crybaby:
  2. Where did you buy your bag?
  3. I bought it from Shop Bop
  4. i have that bag (different color) and have noticed that one of the braided straps looks like it might come out on one side. i'm honestly not that worried about it because i don't use them (i use the shoulder strap), but it is annoying that it would happen at all. you can definitely try to see if Shopbop will take it back, they should stand up for the products they sell, and i feel like they will if you try...
  5. i agree, i would start finding out from Shopbop if you can return/exchange the product, and if that doesn't work, go back to loeffler randall about their product guarantees. your bag shouldn't be doing funky things after only three weeks worth of use...
  6. That's horrible that your bag would break so quickly.

    I would contact Shopbop for info on returning it or repairing it. If that doesn't work I would contact the manufacturer for repair info.

    I too believe that a good retailer and handbag manufacturer should stand up for the products they sell.

    Good luck!
  7. That's a bad deal. If you just need to get it fixed you can get a shoe shop to repair it for you either locally or online. Good luck!
  8. Thank you for your suggestions, everyone. So I called Shop Bop at your suggestion. They were very helpful (and sympathetic!) and are going to let me return the bag for a refund even though it has been more than 30 days. They offer to exchange it for me, but after this bad experience, I told them that I wasn't sure if I wanted that same bag. (She also said that this is the first she has heard about the Loeffler Randall products failure.) So I guess the search for my "first" expensive handbag is still on.

    I had left a message with the president of Loeffler Randall about the quality of her bags. I work in the consumer law field, and although I don't believe the customer is always right, I do believe the customer has some right to believe a pricey handbag is going last more than 3 weeks. Loeffler Randall's office is also down the block from where I work in SoHo - I'm almost tempted to bring my bag over there and show them! :tdown:

    Thank you again, everyone!

    And Grechen, I love your site. I did read your review on the bag before I bought it. It looked like a great bag at the time. I think I should've known better when I received the bag. The braided straps did not look robust enough to hold the weight of its leather body.