Help! Strap is breaking on my Vienna

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  1. I'm not sure what to do about this-I've never had this happen to a bag before (and I've only ever had cheap purses as well).

    It seems that one of the straps on my Vienna is breaking. The "tubing" inside the strap seems to have broken apart inside the leather (you can see in the photo I can bend the strap completely in half and you can feel a "dent" in the strap). There's also a few threads coming loose where the sealant is cracking in the same place.

    Has anyone had this happen? I do tend to carry a lot in my purse, but the straps seemed really secure! I don't even know what can be done to fix it (if anything). I'm really upset because it was such an expensive purse :sad:

    (My apologies for the blurry photos-I had to use my iPhone)

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  2. Wow -- I'm so sorry. I'm not exactly sure what to recommend. Have you e-mailed Treesje's customer service with your issue and these pics? Maybe they can fix it for you?
  3. I might do that. I've had the bag for a year though, so I'm not sure they can do anything?
  4. Yikes! So sorry this is happening. I'd still email Treesje's CS, though, as even if your bag is more than a year old, they may still be able to fix it for a small fee. It's probably worth at least checking if they can do anything (and if so, how much it'd cost).
  5. Yeah definitely talk to Treesje's CS...even if its over a year old, they offer great service.
  6. Good luck, OP! I hope that Treesje folks can help you on this issue!!

    Please let us know how it goes.. :flowers:
  7. Oh no!!

    Definately keep us posted on how things go with Treesje customer service!
  8. You might also want to go to a shoe repair shop? I once had a bag with the leather strap broken (though it was still all in one piece, just got pulled on one end) and they were able to fix it for a small amount.
  9. Treesje has a one-year repair warranty for their bags so it would be logical that they would still repair their bags after that one-year period (but probably for a small fee). In addition to e-mailing them, give them a buzz too - it never hurts to try all possible options.
  10. Don't despair - there are a few options open. Shoe repair in your area. You can google it on the computer - I have had great luck and have seen some expert work. Additionally I think beg borrow and steel has a bag refurbishing service however I would e-mail them first to make sure they can help you. And of course seeing if Treesje can reapir it. If they don't offer to repair it maybe they can mail you a new strap and you local shoe repair can replace it for you. I have had handbags that look close to death's door refurbished and you would never know that how bad they had looked previous to the refurbishing. Please keep us posted.