HELP! Strange Spots on my caramel city

  1. :tdown:
    I decided to wash the dustbags( cuase somehow they had some tiny dirt spots..)
    SO I took out all my babys for inspection and some TLC..
    I moisturized some of them a bit and while doing so I noticed VERY strange spotsin the middle of the back of my beautiful caramel city..It looks like when water comes on ur bbag and it goes into the veins/pores and makes em a lil darker..
    it also looks dry but moisturiser didnt help AT ALL!
    overall i noticed that this bag(especially on the bottom) gets scruffs VERY easily...
    No clue what to do..I's so sad..ANYONE?? :crybaby:

    (I include an older pic ,camera is finaly dead ..)

  2. Oula, probably a silly question, but are you sure the darker areas weren't already like that?

    My Rouille has similar sounding spots but it was like that BNWT :shrugs:

    So sorry!!
  3. im 100% positive that they werent there before..
    it looks so weird but its pretty tiny (thank god)
    its only very lil veins are "dirtyish"..
    Maybe its just scruffs..?it kinda has the colour of the i sayd this one bruises sooo easily;(
    Thanks for ur sympathy HMWE
  4. I am sure it's still gorgeous and one of things that only a doting mommy would notice :heart:

    BTW: it's gorgeous!!!
  5. thanks dear:yes: i guess ur right..
  6. hey there...what do you use to moisturize the bags?
  7. scent and silicone free lotion..i dont get lubriderm here in europe but i use nivea scent free or alike..
    either way try it out on a secret spot first how the leather reacts..
    for my bags this worked out pretty good!