Help! Stinky LV Cabas Mezzo from MyPoupette seller!

  1. I have several LV bags and just bought my first second hand bag (a Cabas Mezzo) from Eva eBay seller ID: authentic_lvlady . I paid $739 for the bag & when it arrived it reeked of mothballs & a musty basement. I emailed her & told her I would give it a week (fair!) to try to air it out but it hasn't worked. She was not very nice in her replies (was very nice up until that point) & told me she smelled the bag before it shipped & it was fine. The mothball smell is dissipating, but it still smells like my Grandmother's musty, wet basement. I emailed her & told her I want to return the bag to her, but I don't think this is going to happen. Should I contact PayPal? I'm out $739 & have a stinky LV!! What should I do?? Help!
  2. Hopefully, you can get the musty smell out. That's one of the worst smells to deal with. I might try some charcoal in a cotton sock or putting the bag where no one can get to it and open a box of baking soda in there for a while. Good luck to you.
  3. I know there's a product that you can buy at hardware stores that you put in musty basements -- I can't remember the name of it but that might work.
  4. This selling behavior is low! I heard this seller is legit but can be rude too. Besides tyring to clean it up, you could tell the seller she should reveal all facts in her listing. Either she takes the return, or issue you a partial refund; otherwise you will leave her a feedback to tell the truth.
  5. I'm glad you've heard she was rude as well - I was surprised b/c it seems like she is generally pleasant. Hopefully she will refund my money w/out issue - a smell is a hard thing to prove to a credit card company or to PayPal. It's not like I can take a picture of a damaged bag as proof! Thanks for you help!
  6. It's called Damp Rid, but I don't know that it gets smells out. You could look product info up online to see if it does. :smile:
  7. what about a little febreeze? I assume if its just on the lining you could use it. Check the label on the bottle. This may sound weird but if its just the lining sparying a little vodka on it (from a spray bottle) might help. Theater Companies use it to get the smell out of costumes that can't be washed or dry cleaned all the time but reak of sweat. I tried this on some nylon straps of a prada backpack once and it helped.
  8. Sorry...this is one of the hazards of buying bags from Hong Kong or any area where high humidity is a way of life. This is a commom problem with bags from this area and a few of the sellers there. It happened to me too. I could not stand the smell and shipped them back and they never made it back, so I was out the money. They were insured, however I was not able to collect as they were're insured properly. You live and you learn. I am now extremely careful about what I buy and from whom I buy it. I buy on eBay very rarely.
  9. I just heard from the seller who agreed in an email to refund my $700. I will keep you all posted as to when this occurs. Hopefully this will turn out positively. Thanks for all your help & suggestions.
  10. If you have any trouble getting things rectified, you could report her to My Poupette, since she is a recommended seller. See, especially second to last paragraph. HTH.
  11. Sorry about that - if you look in the LV forums, authentic_lvlady has sold several bags with the same problem (strong smell) to members of this forum.
  12. I have bought probably five or six bags from her. I bought a LV graffiti speedy. It also smelled strongly of mothballs, but it was no problem to me. I just let the bag air out, and the smell was gone within a week. There was no musty smell. The rest of the bags have been Balenciagas, and there were no smells whatsoever. She has always been super nice to me, but I have never had a problem transaction with her either. She also ships very quickly.
  13. This is a common problem for purses stored in a high humidity place, especially if a purse is in storage for long time without seeing the light. The smell will eventually go away. You need to give it some time. But regarding the seller, she can be rude. Sometimes she uses unfriendly tones when replying messages. I don't even bother to check her listings now, based on the bad feeling from her in the past.