Help - Still trying to decide between bags!!!

  1. Looking for help in choosing between a few bags. If people could offer their opinions and pros/cons if you own them already that would be greatly appreciated. I've decided I want 2 bags this year (since I couldn't decide on just 1).

    The first is the mini lin speedy in ebene - thanks to everyone who helped out with my question on the fabric durability.

    For the second one I'm literally torn between a few Mono bags. I'm looking for a shoulder bag. Typically I like ones that have zippers. But if the inside pocket has a zipper and is deep enough and if the bag itself has enough depth to it I don't think I'll mind. Here are the choices (with some concerns in brackets beside it):

    a) Neverfull MM (worried it might be too open and not that well constructed??)
    b) Popincourt Haut (not sure it's my style )
    c) Palmero PM (problem would have to wait - as not in stock)
    d) Cabas Piano (a bit too plain but it does have a zipper!)
    e) Batignolles Vertical (maybe a bit too open but looks well constructed)
    f) Trouville (love this bag BUT ONLY if you can attach a strap to it).

    All the bags have 3 main things in common that I'm looking for, mono, closes up top (not wide open) and shoulder bags.

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  2. i'd go for the palermo pm... seriously i've seen the GM in real life on this girl and it looks fantastic (not TOO big on her and she's actually around 5'2 or so)... for the other ones i don't quite like so much personally
  3. Palermo PM! This is an adorable bag. I was verrryy tempted by this when I tried it on. Still may end up getting it.
  4. I know many love the Neverfull but the straps looks chintzy to me.

    I have the BH and LOVE IT! It's well constructed, lightweight, comfortable, etc. It's a great bag. At times I do wish it had a zipper BUT I must admit I like the easy access. It also hugs nicely to your body and your arm sort of keeps it closed, KWIM?

    Good Luck!

    I also have the Cabas Piano. While it's a great bag, I don't use it that much because it's kind of small. I don't carry a ton, either. It is a great classic, though. I used to carry it all the time before I bought my BH. Now it sits in the closet most of the time!
  5. I have the BV and I love it. It doesn't zip shut, but there is a little clasp that keeps it from being wide open. It's also deep enough that I don't worry about having my wallet or anything else fall out.