HELP! Sticky glazed edges of Empreinte Lumineuse

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  1. The bag got stored for quite some time, and now the glazed edges are sticky and caused some stains - the stains I was able to remove a bit using baby wipes. But how will I cure the sticky glazed edges? And how should i store it - what's the proper storage? Should it be placed somewhere cold so as not to have the glazed edges melt?
  2. How have you been storing the bag?

    Are you in a humid climate by chance? I have read on here that some people in humid climates have experienced issues, particularly with the glazing.

    Make sure that the bag is in a well-ventilated area and do not store the bag in its box. Good luck!
  3. Oh no. I live in a humid, hot place, and i have a lot of lv bags, stored in a cabinet. I removed them from their boxes and in their dustbags, but now i am very afraid. I absolutely cannot use all of them. What shall i do? How should i store them properly?

    I noticed that when i go outside with my eva monogram when the temp outside is around 40 to 45 degree Celsius, the bag glazing becomes sticky. I actually got annoyed. But when im back home and turned the air conditioner on, the stickiness goes away.
  4. Bring it back to tue boutique.
    It's a known problem and they will make it right for you