HELP!! stained white lambskin bag!

  1. This is my only Chanel bag and its the third time i used it and i got it STAINED! I tried to wear light colored clothing and somehow it still managed to get blue stains on it. The stains are not visible to most people but its on the leather strap intertwined with the gold hardware and the inside of the bag in the middle where the strap is secured in. what should i do?? its white lambskin leather. my friends told me that its not visible to them and i should just wait until the bag gets dirtier (and it probably will) then send it off to get it cleaned...but will the stain penetrate and be permanent if i dont take care of it right away? im guessing its from my denim jeans...what should i do? HELP !
  2. I had stains on my light beige lambskin before..on my first day of wear.

    I used a leather helped but didn't completely go away but its okay...with time its not that bad. Jus takes time to absorb the injury on your bag.
  3. where did you buy the leather cleaner and what brand? lol i want to make sure its the right one! yeah..i guess thats what it takes if u want to keep a light color chanel bag.. =| very high maintenance, argh!
  4. oh, how terrible. this has happened to me too with some denim jeans. sometimes the jeans are overdyed on purpose and that dye rubs off easily. i hope you're able to get the stain out!
  5. Yikes! I'd be upset too. Please let us know how this works out?
  6. i am so sorry! the girls on here have a lot of great tips! i hope you can get it out!
  7. Oh no--how frustrating!

    I think I read somewhere that baby wipes are good for cleaning leather--it's worth a try!

    I hope you are able to clean it!
  8. happened to me too, on my jumbo caviar's what to do: buy a spot remover called LCi its a "dry cleaner" for leathers and fabrics. I got it at my local shoe repair take a cloth and dampen it with the LCi. Rub well over soiled area. Allow to dry. Repeat if necessary. Removes oil, ink, cements, tar, grease, etc. I had green stains from clothes i was wearing all over the back pocket of my bag.....also, after you spray the LCi and let bag sit overnight, be sure to use a purse Scotchguard spray on it. Very important....
    I have not had any further problems and neither should you!
    my bag came out perfectly. the stuff will come out before your eyes, on the cloth, after you use the LCi.
  9. Thank you so much everyone! I was totally freaked out but now, I'm feeling much better! My mom gave me this "Wren's Dubbin Neutral" thing that waterproofs and preserves leather (made in the UK) and it was a brownish gel substance so i was definitely afraid but i tried A LITTLE BIT and it worked! its not 100% gone but the darker parts, i cannot notice. It's hard to wipe it because its on the chain interwined with the gold hardware..tomorrow, im going to buy LCi and babywipes, and hopefully, itll be as good as new! THANK YOU!! :yahoo:You guys are my lifesavers!
  10. Yay!! so glad to hear it's almost all gone :biggrin: