Help!!! Stained Euston

  1. Got myself into a bit of a pickle today - took my new ginger Euston out but noticed after a while that one of the canvas strap details had become blue tinted...:tdown: Must have come from my jeans (which have been washed several times) and am now not sure how to get the staining off!! Would show you some pictures but still can't find the camera cable.:cursing:
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! xx
  2. Oh no! Sympathy here but no advice I'm afraid. Hopefully someone can help!
  3. Hi,
    I do not know if this will work but give it a go- Punch do a suede, nubuck and fabric cleaner. I have used it on my Gucci Abbey-on the canvas and also my Prada nylon bag and it works! All you do is give is give it a little spray and use a cloth to wipe away any dirt.

    Good luck
  4. I have used no alcohol baby wipes on the vachetta leather on my Louis Vuitton bags and that got a little color transfer off of my bag. But I don't have a Mulberry yet so I don't know how it would work on one. good luck !
  5. I would try alcohol free baby wipes in the first instance, then moving up to something with a bit of perfume in it if that doesnt work; but be warned be very sparing when using anything with alcohol on leather as it will make the colour fade, I got Biro marks off one of my nappa leather Mulberry bags but had to resort to using my OH Hugo Boss on a cotton bud as nothing else would work on the ink.
  6. Thanks a lot for your tips guys! Tried a bit of stain remover on the strap, some of the colour came off but there's still a blue tinge to it. I might give baby wipes a try...