HELP. Stain on my Chanel!!!!

  1. Does anyone have any experience with removing, what looks to be an oil type stain from a cavair chanel bag? Mine is red, and I have NO IDEA what I could have gotten into, but when I first noticed it, I thought it was just a wet spot. (unfortunately, it's right in the middle of one of the C's), but to my dismay, it has not dried, nor does it feel "wet", I tried wetting it, then dabbing dry, and it did not help. Does anyone have any advise?

    And if no home remedies work, does anyone know if you can send back to Chanel for repair/reconditioning? And if so, how do you do that?
  2. Was the bag in storage when you noticed the stain (Did you pull it out of the dustbag and there it was?) or were you using the bag and noticed the stain after use? Can you retrace your thoughts to what it might be - did you use the bag in a restaurant (food stain) or maybe it brushed up against something like a car. Could it be from your hands, like from hand cream?

    Anyway, I have had great luck with saddle soap. It cleaned some scratches off my black cambon bowler as well as a stain from my tan Paddington. I don't think it would make it worse if you try. Chanel will take it for repair. There mgiht be a small fee depending upon how long you've had the bag.
  3. I had been carrying it. I did not see it that morning, I went shopping, and noticed in the car, in between stores. I do not recall putting it down, or letting brush up against anything, and I also did not use any lotions. I have no clue what it could be. It is about half the size of a penny... And looks like a water spot, so I am assuming that is oil based of some sort.
  4. Hmm, I would try the saddle soap or a product called Leather CPR (can be purchased at hardware stores or Bed,Bath&Beyond stores). Oil based stains can be hard to remove (Were you near any makeup counters?) so if you don't have luck then take it to Chanel. If you bought it at a department store they can send it out to Chanel for you.
  5. Ive had good luck with cleaning caviar with Saddlesoap.
  6. Is your bag less than a year old and do you have the receipt? if so, Chanel will make it good as new for free! if not, they will definitely be able to fix it but there will be a charge. good luck!
  7. In Chanel boutique, The company send the cream called "MELTONIAN"
    It's actually the cream for boot or shoe shine in nice minty smell.

    SA will use to clean and remove scratch from all leather goods. Work the best on lamb skin which you know lamb skin it's hard to take care.

    Try to get meltonian in "clear" color or bring your purse to Chanel boutique and ask them to clean it for you using the cream.
  8. ^ Gia : so the chanel boutiques offer these products or where to get them?
  9. If it is oil, or you think it may be oil, cover the stain with plain white talcum powder.

    Leave it for as long as you can and then brush off.

    Even if it is not oil, doing this will not harm your bag so maybe give it a go.

    Good luck!:heart:
  10. This might be a strange question: Can I use the leather cleaners and conditioners meant for sofas or carseats to clean a beige lambskin Chanel purse?

    Also is there any known product that can definitely clean the scuff marks from my Chanels?

    I'm from Australia and I don't think we get Meltonian or Applegarde here...
  11. I need help too T.T

    My pink lambskin east/west bag had ink stain......

    It's too obvious so I can't hide it!!

  12. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT YOURSELF!! Just bring it to Chanel... even if its over a year old, they WILL fix it, you just may get charged!!
  13. Hey everyone, thanks so much for all the advise. I called one of the Chanel boutiques, and they told me to first try a mild foaming soap (I used one from Bath & Body)- thank goodness, it worked!!! Here are the steps I followed. I hope none of you ever have to use this, but just in case, here ya go.

    (btw, I still don't know what my spot was, but I'm assuming it was oil based).

    1. using a wet cloth, put a small amount of mild foaming soap and gently rub on spot.

    2. using a wet cloth, clense the area to remove any residue soap, but do not saturate the leather.

    3. dab spot with a damp cloth firmly

    4. after completely dry, if spot still appears repeat step 2-3 times before giving up.