Help! Stain on my Carly

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  1. Hi girls,
    The dye from a particular pair of jeans has been rubbing off onto my Carly (its the signature fabric). I washed it with soap and water and it helped, but there is still a bunch of blue on the bottom :sad:. Any advice on how I can get it out? I heard baby wipes might work?
    Thanks for your help!
  2. I got some nasty dirt/soiling off of a medium Carly with soap and water...but I still wasn't satisfied!!! I hit that gal with the Mr. Clean magic eraser and she looked ALMOST good as new! Mine was the medium khaki signature Carly!

    Good Luck!!

    PS~ I used the original magic eraser, I know they have different kinds out now...but just go with the original! It didn't discolor or fade the bag at all! I've tried the Coach signature cleaner and DID NOT do it for me at all!!!!
  3. Thanks for the Mr. Clean suggestion. I'm carrying my Carly at work today and just noticed a spot on her. I have magic erasers in my cabinets here.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I will try it as soon as I get home today!
  5. I actually tried this during my lunch period on the bottom of my Carly and the difference is amazing. I've gotten enough dirt off the bag that the corners of the magic eraser look like driven snow.
  6. I used unscented baby wipes to get red transfer off my khaka carly. Worked great.:tup:
  7. Those magic erasers are AWESOME! Do they do everything? Seriously...
  8. They're so awesome and handy I have them on my classroom school supply list. I've used half a bottle of Fantastik a week for a minimum of 2 hours to clean my tables before and ended up getting an asthma attack before I was done. Ten minutes is all it takes now and one handy little eraser. I can't believe how well it cleaned my Carly too. I need stock in P&G!
  9. I will be getting some for my signature striped bag.
  10. I use the signature cleaner and it does the trick for me...
  11. Yes those magic ereasers are great. They get crayon off walls, clean all the gunk of the stove, clean grease/dirt spots ( my husband is a mechanic and he is always leaving marks everywhere) .

    I need some more, I just looked at the front door and it is messy from dirty hand prints and shoe prints from pushing the door shut with a foot.
  12. Baby wipes are your best friend!!! They take everything off!!! Just over the weekend I had something brown and sticky (I think it might have been hair dye--yes I about died), on my Magenta Leather Julianne. I used a baby wipe on her, let it dry and it was PERFECT--not a mark left on it. I've also used baby wipes on Coach Signature Fabric and it works every time. You have to do it slowly though...wipe gently, let dry, wipe again, let dry until it's gone. I am willing to bet it will work. Good luck!!!
  13. They're also good for getting tempera paint out of clothes. One of my students got washable tempera paint (blue) all over her light yellow uniform shirt last week. I sent her to the nurse to change into another shirt and we used a magic eraser to get most of the paint out. Even though the paint was washable there was a chance it wouldn't come out if we'd let it sit all day. I agree with you Charlotte about the oily messes too. I had a child deliberately step on an oil pastel and track a black ring around my room (think race track) before I could get him to sit down and clean his shoes. I thought the custodian was going to kill me! LOL It took me and about 10 kids to get that mess cleaned up. The custodian had tried mopping and it smeared everywhere.