HELP! stain on leather...

  1. Hi!

    I just got a Coach Soho Studded flap from the signature collection for Christmas and just got an ink stain on the suede part on top!

    I called coach to see what I can do to remove it since the info. that came with it says not to use coach leather cleaner or moisturizer on it.

    The guy said to take it to a dry cleaners or just leave it - I cannot leave this stain on it! It looks horrible - and he said if the cleaners don't know what they are doing, they might ruin it

    any suggestions??

    thanks in advance!

  2. well how big is the stain? could you post a pic?
  3. You can try to use a light colored emery board GENTLY so you don't remove too much of the suede. Keep trying until you have removed as much of the ink as you feel comfortable without removing too much of the suede. That has worked for some depending on the color and intensity of the ink. The suede kit that comes with the suede bags from Coach really never worked. See what happens and good luck :yes: .
  4. This will be more pricey, but if you want to try a leather restoration specialist, contact I had an ink stain on my Hamptons Embossed Book Tote and they removed it completely for about $75. It looks brand spankin' new and they were very fast and wonderful to deal with.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Last night I somehow got ink transfered on to my leather mini skinny coin purse. I tried rubbing some coach moisturizer on it. didn't do anything. :crybaby:

    the stain is still there. does anyone know of a good way to get the blue ink marks off?

    the care card that came with it said to not use the coach cleaner....

  7. try goin to the store they always know everything
  8. someone else in the board tried this and it worked!

    first test it out on a spot where u cant see!

    spray CHEAP hairspray on a q-tip, blot it so it s not dripping, and gently rub the stain
  9. PLEASE do a search for a question like this and you'll find your answer! this has been discussed numerous times. :yes:
  10. i removed purple ink from a blue leather strap with a regular pencil eraser. took it right out
  11. Ink comes up so often - maybe we need a thread pinned up top - something like "Help I Got Something on My Coach Bag" which might cover everything from alcohol to water spots???
  12. thanks so much for anyone's ideas!
  13. I have an older Soho Leather Hobo that I just bought on eBay may be last year's model, I'm not sure. Anyway, somehow it got a small pen mark on it and I don't know what to use, if anything is available, to clean it. (I didn't buy it with the pen mark!) I checked the FAQ and saw the products Coach offers.

    Any good home remedies? Should I get the Coach cleaner? Take it to a professional?

  14. where is it? on the leather? i know there is something called leather eraser at the shoe repair place. maybe bring it into the store and ask an SA.
  15. Amanda, what color leather is your bag?