Help!! Stain In My Gucci

  1. I'm so depressed, I was with my friends in a restaurant when I found something creamy on the side of my purse :sad: We went to starbucks before that so I figured that it's whipped cream. I'm so depressed, it's not that big but it's obvious. What should I do? It's given by the bf for my bday and my first gucci too so I'm really sad..

    I'll gladly appreciate all the help that I could get..

    Thanks in advance

    Btw, its the medium abbey in beige/ebony in off white
  2. Other members have used baby wipes with some success.

    I personally use Stain Remedy from Forever New, a gentle spot remover for fine fabrics.
  3. ^^ yep, i was going to recommend baby wipes, aww,i'm sorry about your baggie, i'm sure you'll be able to make it brand new least come close, things happen even when we're really careful. sorry :sad:
  4. First try baby wipes. Also you can try mild liquid soap and water. Good luck. Let us know how it works out.
  5. tried the baby wipes..

    ill let you all know tomorrow when it dries off..

    thank you all!
  6. You could try club soda and salt
  7. tried the baby wipes but its still there.. dark mark :sad:
  8. I have got a pale gold gucci bag which i brought a few years ago, nightmare for marking the dry cleaners have sorted it out a few times for me! x