Help!!! St germain bb VS lockme II bb

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  1. I can't decide between these 2 models. I love the look of St germain bb but love how roomy of lockme II bb. I tend to dress casual most of the time but need a bag to look good although I didn't dress much.

    Thanks for your all input.
  2. #2 Apr 3, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
    I have tried both bags and I love both. At the end I bought Cluny bb and twice emp Rb color. St germain looks so pretty but I don't really like the clasp closure. Also I am worried that chain will not be comfortable once I load up my stuff. Lockme 2 bb- I tried yesterday at store. I think it is functional and understated. I am not sure how it wears in the long run since the leather is soft. They only had black which I think it is a little boring so I bought twice RB color. But I kept thinking if I should exchange. Difficult decision.........
  3. So you've tried them in the boutique? Personally I don't like the noise factor of a chain so I'd go with the Lockme.
  4. I prefer Lockme II BB over the St Germain BB but I am totally biased as I just got the Lockme II BB ;))

    Both bags are very pretty so you can't go wrong with either of them.
    Regarding the leather: I am not worried about the leather of the Lockme as it seems to be very sturdy and resistant. Should not be a big difference to the empriente. But time will show...

    Good luck for your decision and have fun!
  5. I originally bought the St Germain BB but it was faulty and ended up exchanging it for the Lockme II BB. I loved the look of the St Germain BB (especially the empriente leather) but the clasp lock thing bugged me a bit as it was hard to close if the bag wasn't full. The Lockme II BB in my opinion is a much more functional size and I love the hand held or shoulder strap options. It is also quite understated and just enough silver hardware to look dressy.

    Good luck with your decision and let us know how you go!