Help! Spy in Germany?

  1. sorry but since I cannot seem to post in the "want to buy"-forum, I wanted to ask here if anyone knows where I can purchase a Fendi Spy Bag in Germany? Google can't help somehow...are the even available anymore in dark brown?
  2. a reliable internet source would also be appreciated! pleeeeease...
  3. cool thanks!! Dankeschön :biggrin:
  4. Theresa in Munich have spys.
  5. thank you! so that means - off to munich :biggrin: (after saving $$$ that is)
  6. Do they (Theresa's) have websites? I tried plunking it in, but no luck.
  7. or u can buy in Frankfurt, the shop name is VANILLA.
  8. I am in Frankfurt! Can you tell me where that is?
  9. Found it! Well now I am afraid that I will get reaaaally tempted!
  10. hI:::::
    when I was in Framkfurt, I went to this shop(VANILLA).Its close to RÜSCHENBECK jewelery shop.
    They sell designer shoes and bags.
  11. No kidding, I grew up in Darmstadt, that is still where my parents live. Currently I live in Bonn, for another two weeks anyway.
  12. Theresa will start an onlineshop soon and it's
  13. hope you like it here! at least the weather is fine at the moment...
  14. thanks, I'll watch that too!