Help!! Spotting at 6th & 7th Week

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need some help.

    I am currently 7th week pregnant.

    I spotted on the 1st day of my 6th week. It was just a little light brown, maybe color of coffee. I went to Dr and he did ultrasound and put his finger in my vagina. He thinks it is ok since the utlrasound looks good. He told me it is ok as far as it is not bright red. The spotting ended in the forth day.

    But the 1st day of my 7th week, I spotting again. This time the color is lighter. It is like the color of Latte. I read many forum saying it is quiet normal. Today is the 4th day of spotting. The color is getting even lighter. But I am worrying.

    Anyone has some sort of experience like mine??

    Please share.


    VT Pooh
  2. spotting is very normal for a lot of women.
    Implantation can cause it also some uterine stretching can as well.
    When is your next U/S?
    Fetal tones should be able to be found even this early w/ a doppler, do you have an appt soon?
  3. I actually hemorrhaged in my 12th week, and I am here now almost 37 weeks. I also bled, much lighter , with my two older sons. As long as your doctor feels confident, I would relax. Stressing is not good for you or the baby. Good luck to you!
  4. Thanks for the reply.

    My next U/S will be on this coming Wednesday. This is our first pregnancy. The Dr told us as far as it is brown it is ok. So i didn't call him again.
  5. I spotted at 7-8 weeks. My best friend who is also pregnant did also. We're both fine, now at 21 and 18 weeks. I did a ton of research on it because I was freaked out (my first pregnancy too.) As you've seen in your research, spotting happens in about 20-30% of women in their first trimester; the majority of them have a successful pregnancy. It's most common when you would have gotten your period -- around 8 and 12 weeks. If it doesn't get heavier or have any cramping along with it, I think you'll also be fine. I hope it stops soon to put your mind at ease, though, since I know it's hard not to worry when you're going through that. I'm glad you have your appointment soon -- if they hear the heartbeat then, your risk of miscarriage is down under 10%!
  6. VT...I'm in my 10th wk now and had a bit of spotting ard 7wks. It was a visible spot on my pantyliner, like the color of coffee too. Called my nurse and she advised me to go & see my obgyn or a GP.I went to see my obgyn. An internal u/s was done and baby was fine, with heartbeat. I was told to be on bedrest for the next few days and was given 2 weeks supply of tables called 'dydrogesterone'. Dr says its to stabilise my pregnancy. Spotting dissapeared the next day. Dr said tt spotting is common too among pregnant women, just 'warning' sign tt the pregnancy is not stable yet & to take it easy. As long as it doesn't escalate to blood/blood clots. You're in good hands. Wed is coming near.
  7. I spotted all the way up until my 12th week. And at my 12th week, there was even more blood than the normal spotting and it was bright red. I freaked out on every occasion of spotting. I never had any pain with the spotting and the doctor said as long as there is no pain it's ok. They didn't really have a reason for why it was happening... but I happened to notice it was always at the end of the month when I would usually have been expecting a period. I read that the body can get confused and spot when you are supposed to be having a period. I wish you the best and don't stress about it... even thought I know that's impossible. But we're all here for you!
  8. Thanks Ladies! You make me feel a little bit better.

    It is very hard to not think about it. Everytime, I went to bathroom, I got nervous. I even cried this morning. I lied in bed all day today.

    I hope the spotting stop soon, then I can relax and enjoy being pregnant.
  9. I had spotting on my 5th an 10th week which would have been when i would've had my periods because i normally have 5 week cycles. At the 5th week i didn't know i was pregnant so i just thought my periods were coming, then i found out i was pregnant on the 8th week, but at 10 weeks i freaked out when i spotted again. There was no pain and it wasn't anything bright red my doctor told me not to worry about any spotting that's relatively small and that isn't bright red during my first trimester.

    Hope your spotting stops soon, but if it still worries you go and see your doctor, hearing your doctors opinion on it may be better when it comes to putting your mind at ease :smile:
  10. I bled quite a bit around my 11 th week with my youngest...2 days after a bad car accident, needless to say I was very scared. Having the ultrasound helped ease my fears a lot, they did 2 for me. One when the bleeding started and about 3 days later when I was still bleeding.

    Def. don't hesitate to call/see the doctor if you are still worried and still bleeding.

    Will be thinking of you. Try and rest as much as you can :smile:
  11. Hi Ladies,

    I just got back from the Dr.

    We saw the heartbeat.

    He told me not to worry the brown discharge too much.

    Thanks for all of your support.

    VT Pooh
  12. Yay VT!! No worries. :tup:
  13. I spotted during the first 3 months of pregnancy with my younger son-always brown and always for a few days at a time. I didn't have any pain or any other symptoms. but, it freaked me out! My doctor kept telling me not to worry as long as it was brown because that means it is old blood-but, I would call all the time anyway or go in!
    the first two times he would use the u/s machine and check and everything was fine.

    by the time it happened the third time, I had figured out that it happened at the times that i would normally have had my period if I hadn't been pregnant.

  14. YAY!! Congrats!!
  15. That is great news!