HELP! Spots/Discoloration after Breakouts!

  1. Lately I've been breaking out a bit (new moisturizer? ugh!), and after everything heals, the zits leave a darker discoloration behind! It's been 2 WEEKS and the spots are still there!

    Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any products you can recommend to lessen the discoloration? I have a problem of being swayed by advertising :push: so I'd really love any advice before plunking money down on something that doesn't work! :smile:

    TIA! :heart:
  2. I have the same problem! I got some Palmer's cocoa butter with Vitamin E and I've been applying and it does help a little, but the results aren't very quick.

    I'm in need of something that helps discoloration too! Surely there is something that works faster than Palmers!
  3. You didn't pop the pimples did you? Because if you did, then that's the problem. But I used to get them even w/o doing anything to it, so all i did was use my cleanser/toner/moisturizer (consistently) and w/in a few weeks it went away. It's actually a scar, but if you leave it alone and stick to your skincare products then it will heal. Trust me.. i've tried so many products to get rid of the scars.. but it turned the spots more red.
  4. Me too. I have very fair skin and those ugly red spots that linger for days/weeks after a breakout are so annoying. Other than a thick foundation or cover-up, what can you do? Foundation just seems to leave the area looking cakey though.
  5. ^ I agree..sometimes the foundation and concealer just do it for me. I need some miracle product.
  6. They will fade over time, but I find a bit of Polysporin quickens the process.
  7. Thanks for your advice ladies! Where can you buy Palmer's and Polysporin? My skin's usually fairly well-behaved so I'm a bit illiterate about products other than usual skincare and cosmetics stuff (hence the just buying whatever things from ads I happen to see) :sweatdrop:!

    I don't pop anything but I still get the red/dark spots! Like priiin said I guess I'm looking for a miracle product to speed up the process LOL.
  8. I got mine at ULTA.
  9. The darkening is hyperpigmentation. It will fade on its own in a few weeks/months. To speed up the process, you can use anything containing hydroquinone, but I think it's getting banned/revoked by the fda soon. Others you can use are vitamin c, liquorice extract etc. You can search sephora for "spot fader" or something of the sort. Peter Thomas Roth, Cellex-C, & Skinceuticals, DDF are good, but a bit pricey. Just remember to apply sunscreen when using fading products.

    The dark spots are almost worse than the breakout imo. They last much longer than the actual pimple for me. Thankfully, I found the culprit for me, a new moisturizer that did not agree with my skin.
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  10. Thanks priiin and clop!
  11. I think egg whites as masks lighten the skin too, but I've never tried it and I don't want to. Sounds gross!
  12. yes, i just have this problem recently. i normally use la mer, but when i went on holiday for a week, i decided to use this new moisturizer (elizabeth arden intervene) that didn't agree with me. i had a pimple and now where that pimple was is a darker spot:sad:. i really regret this and i really hope it'll go away....i've switched back to la mer after i came back and my skin has slowly returned to normal. the spot is getting better, but is still there... la mer is supposed to help in healing scars too (which is a plus).
  13. I have tried them and it makes my skin feel really gross.

    I don't break out much besides the occasional pimple here or there now but I have used Olays microdermabrasion kit and it works well.
  14. I've permanently changed over to moisturizers containing Vitamin E. I use The Body Shop's moisturizing cream for the daytime and night cream for (of course) night time. I've definitely noticed that my spots after my breakouts clear up much faster, and the cream has greatly improved the appearance of existing discolouration, too! Putting pure vitamin E oil on the spots may help as well, but these two moisturizers are what I use.
  15. I've had acne spots since last summer on my cheek from breaking out and everyone here Im sure can sympathize how much they SUCK!! Just be patient, and don't try too many new things, it may make matters worse, which that was exactly what happened to me! The derm said these are acne marks which are completely natural will eventually fade away, but its going take ALOT of time. My marks now are FINALLY starting to going away, took about 9-10 months. The worst possible thing you could ever do for acne marks is sun in them! Because it may cover them up for the time being, but, when summer is over, it will come back 3 times worse!