Help! Spot out!

  1. Before I went to bed last night, I took some Lexol leather conditioner and made one quick spray on my new sage MAM.....It was on stream rather than spray and it put too much on. I immediately stopped and wiped it off, but the stream is still visible this morning. I guess I should just do the whole thing now and let it take on that dark shade.
    Any suggestions?
    PS..........I guess I am so used to big bags, this one seems SMALL! But I LOVE IT, spot and all!
    Oh, but I have noticed that no one mentioned how NOISY the bag is!! (The side hardware) :p
  2. I'd wait a couple more days and see how the spot looks. I got water spots all over my elephant matinee the day after it arrived due to an unexpected rain storm. It looked horrible. Anyhow, it took about a week, but almost all the spots faded away.

    On a side note, I noticed the clinking hardware too! But it only happens sometimes depending on how much I have in the bag. :smile: