Help! Spontini or Damier Speedy 30??

  1. Hi guys! I need help in deciding.
    I dont know which bag I should get for my next LV - Monogram Spontini or Damier Speedy 30?
    - I need a bag that I can dress up or dress down, something which I can bring for dinners.
    - I already have a Damier Ribera MM and Monogram Speedy 25.

    Thank you!:flowers:
  2. hi personally i think spontini is great if u are on the taller side. so that when u use the removable strap the bag will not hang too low on your body. i'm 5'1 and the strap is too long for me when i tried the bag :p. for bags to use for dinner occasion, and i assume u mean more formal setting, i think a smaller purse may be more suitable so maybe damier speedy 30 is too big although i do :heart: it. have fun choosing!
  3. I'd get something different since you already have one Speedy and can get one further down the road. I'm not really a fan of the Spontini.

    Have you looked into the Damier Musette Tango, Epi Segur PM, Epi Bowling Montaigne PM, or the Mini Looping?
  4. Thanks guys! now it's either Vernis lexington or Vernis roxbury drive.
    But I'm leaning towards Lexington. it's smaller and cuter! :heart: